Labels and stickers from Delfi Technologies are suitable for any purpose. We have barcode labels and stickers in every imaginable size and material and with different surfaces. We offer labels that can be used in every branch of every industry - large, small, white or perhaps silver, round or square labels. Our customer portfolio within labels includes retail, warehousing & distribution companies, freight forwarders, hospitals, scaffolding companies, contractors and food-producing companies. We have a wide selection of labels, but should you have a very specific request for customized labels, then we are also happy to help. 


If you need custom-made labels in addition to our standard range of labels, we can also help to customize your own label. For further information, please contact:

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1685 labels pr. rl., Perf.,Indv. spolet, Ø=40mm.

Item number: 2016711
84 kr.
435 in stock
84 kr.

627 labels pr.rl, Perf., Udv. spolet, Ø=45mm

Item number: 2016712
84 kr.
386 in stock
84 kr.

Ø=40. Perm. klæber. UDV spolet. Perforation

Item number: 2013995
60 kr.
306 in stock
60 kr.

1685 labels pr.rl. Perf. Indv. spolet, Ø=40mm.

Item number: 2016450
77 kr.
269 in stock
77 kr.

300 labels pr.rl. Perf., Indv. spolet, Ø = 40mm

Item number: 2016713
126 kr.
240 in stock
126 kr.

627 labels pr.rl. Perff., Indv, spolet, Ø=40mm

Item number: 2015026
132 kr.
226 in stock
132 kr.

bildæk. 500 labels pr.rl. PRIS PR RL.

Item number: 7397256
199 kr.
220 in stock
199 kr.

940 labels pr. rl., Perf., Indv. spolet, Ø=40mm

Item number: 2016368
114 kr.
203 in stock
114 kr.

627 labels pr. rl., Perf. Indv.spolet, Ø=40mm

Item number: 2016613
144 kr.
196 in stock
144 kr.

1685 labels pr.rl. Perf. Indv. spolet, Ø=40mm

Item number: 2014255
99 kr.
160 in stock
99 kr.

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Print your own labels

As a business owner, you use labels in your everyday life. And most of the time, you need to determine what should be on them. With access to self-print labels, you now got the opportunity to do this yourself.

We give you the freedom to choose the labels that you need, and can also provide you with the right label printer for the purpose. Remember, it is well worthwhile that you acquire labels of a good quality. In that 

Thermal transfer labels – a hot solution

As we previously said, Delfi Technologies can offer you a wide range of different labels.  Not only regarding the size and shape. We also had in mind, that our labels must be able to operate optimally in different environments where the impact from the outside can vary. Temperature and humidity, among other things, play an important role in the durability of the labels.

With the thermal transfer labels, you are guaranteed a label that can withstand high heat. However, it must be used together with a printer that supports the technology. By choosing TT labels, you get a label that can be used in hot environments without risking they become defect or unreadable.

Direct thermal labels – a cost-effective solution

If you need to produce many labels cheaply, you need to look at direct thermal labels. Besides, this is also a more environmentally friendly solution. In contrast to the above, it does not require the oily band, which is sitting in the printer for thermal transfer labels.

This is a solution, which can be used in many contexts. For example, name ties at hospitals, barcodes for products or tickets. You just need to remember, that this type of label has a slightly shorter durability.

Labels with UV-protection

We also offer labels with UV-protection. It is favorable for a number of reasons. You can use these labels in the sun without they fade. It saves you money, just as it preserves the environment from a larger production.

You can even choose a color for your labels and also find labels that can withstand water. The only thing you have to do is figure out what you need – so we have it.

If you have any questions or need advice for the choice of the labels, you are very welcome to contact us on 70 222 555 or mail [email protected]

Polyester labels

Polyester is a synthetic plastic product made of synthetic fibers. Compared to paper labels, polyester labels have a number of advantageous properties.

They are hardwearing, waterproofed, flexible and durable. Therefore, they are particularly suitable for demanding environments where labels are exposed to moisture, water, and wear and tear