Increase sales and bottom line - Electronic Shelf Labels - Breece


Price optimization

Optimize your bottom line by continuously adjusting the sales prices to match changes in cost prices.

Promotion flexibility

Imagine doing a local promotion for ice cream on a hot summer day? Or doing a special promotion for milk at the end of the day to avoid disposing out-of-date product? It's good business for you and for the environment.

Cross selling

Use multi product or cross selling promotions to increase your sales. Buy three bottles of Coca Cola for the price of two or buy a pair of running shoes and get three pairs of running socks 50% off.

Logistics information

Give your staff access to any logistical information directly at the shelf edge. Is the product in stock and if so how many are in stock? Is it in order? Out of date? Our fully graphic displays enable you to add any kind of information.

Staff guidance

Imagine showing a product code right on the display and giving your staff knowledge on which product offers the best margin? The opportunities are endless.

Visible promotions

Three colour displays highlight any promotion and catches your customers' attention. Eliminate any manual handling of additional promotion stickers for price labels.


Give your customers access to additional product information by adding 2-dimensional scannable barcodes to the displays.


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