Epson TM-C3500, Color Label Printer

Epson TM-C3500, Colour Label Printer,720 x 360 dpi

LAN/USB, 103 mm/sec, Ink-jet - 112 mm /width

With the ColorWorks C3500 (TM-C3500), you can easily customise and print your own colour labels. Whether it's printing packaging labels with colourful logos and pictures or tickets and ID cards with important barcodes and product information, this printer ensures you can print it all from one machine.

Thanks to the individual pigment ink cartridges, you can create fast-drying, highly detailed labels that are smudge, water and fade resistant. Not only will your labels look great, but the pigment ink's long-lasting, durable qualities make it perfect for a wide variety of environments. 



10.495,00 DKK
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Item number: 7398281
Print size:
108 - 112 mm
Print type:
Thermal Transfer

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