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Delfi Mobile Warehouse

Delfi Mobile Warehouse is our proprietary software solution for Android devices designed to meet the need for inventory counting. We have used our more than 30 years of experience from the industry to develop the right warehouse solution with the most common standard features so you can keep track of the item registration in your warehouse.

With Delfi Mobile Warehouse, you get a simple storage solution that allows you to work with tasks such as status, picking, receiving and moving goods.

Here's how Delfi Mobile Warehouse creates value:

  • Increases the efficiency in your warehouse with digital processes
  • Reduces time-consuming tasks and manual work
  • Provides faster workflows and saves time
  • Provides the necessary registration of goods


Delfi Mobile Warehouse has the following menu items:


With the inventory module, you get an easy and efficient inventory count - and at the same time, you get complete control over your goods.


Picking helps to reduce the number of errors when picking items. This module also helps staff to register the exact item pick for the correct order number.


Get a better overview with an inventory module to handle incoming goods. This module helps to ensure the necessary registration and correct placement of goods in your warehouse.

Move goods

Move goods is a module that can control the location of goods - whether you simply move them from one location to another or a dedicated "package / move zone". It can also be used to optimize the flow of goods in your company.

Communication Organizations:

Delfi Mobile Warehouse is an online Android solution that supports the following forms of communication:

  • Ethernet via cradle (docking station)
  • Wireless via WiFi
  • GSM

There is no need for middleware software. Data is submitted online to an FTP server in CSV / XML files.

Hardware and accesories:

  • We provide the necessary hardware for inventory management
  • We work with the leading manufacturers of handheld terminals and PDAs
  • Delfi Mobile Warehouse can be installed on any Delfi certified PDA

We can also help with barcode scanners and label printers for your warehouse

How does it work?

The solution is subscription-based.When subscribing to the Delfi Mobile Warehouse solution, you get the user right to our warehouse module, which contains the most common features for item registration. At the same time, we ensure the necessary support and maintenance of the solution.

Find the right PDA

At Delfi Technologies, we have a wide range of professional Android PDAs, so we can help with the right tool for enterprise needs. Several of our devices are Android Enterprise Recommended, providing greater security. Here are some of the ones we offer:


Delfi PM550

Bluebird - EF401

Delfi PM85 

Delfi PM66

Delfi Technologies and software solutions

We develop barcode software for hand terminals & PDAs

We have 30 years experience in software development

We have more than 23,000 software licenses in the market

We provide barcode solutions that optimize and digitize work processes

We provide a scalable barcode solution - requiring only minimal maintenance

We work closely with leading Android device manufacturers

We offer the whole package that ties the solution together - ie. software, hardware, service and support

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