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Let us help you identify the solution you need to run your business smarter and maximize your profitability. From front to back, our range of solutions – with the right combination of hardware, software and services – provide innovation and business optimization, creating value for our customers. Discover our innovative solution portfolio and find out how a Delfi solution has what it takes to stay ahead of the technology development in a constantly changing market with new trends arising all the time. Our solutions are bundled in these 4 categories: Electronic Shelf LabelsHandheld TerminalsPOS solutions and Print solutions. Get inspired here:

Breece Electronic Shelf Labels

With our fully graphic electronic shelf labels you can remotely change prices and promotions in seconds - across one store or thousands. Featuring the latest electrophoretic display (EPD) technology, our fully graphic displays reduce glare and are viewable through close...

Android software solutions

At Delfi Technologies, we are specialists in the design and development of intuitive Android solutions for various purposes. We offer Android solutions that cover the most common work tasks, but we can also help with a customized software solution.

Customized software

With more than 30 years of experience in software development for retail, warehousing and production, Delfi Technologies offers custom software solutions that over time have met many customers' needs to optimize their warehouse and other workflows.

Shelf labels

Even in the digital age with electronic shelf labels in many stores, some customers still prefer the traditional approach of using paper shelf labels for product information on store shelves and warehouse locations. Delfi Technologies is ready to meet this...

RFID labels

More and more companies are embracing the technological wave of RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification). At Delfi Technologies, we offer tailored RFID solutions, including advanced RFID labels and tags. RFID labels with tags can be used for everything from ensuring increased traceability...

Wide format

Delfi Technologies is the experienced and reliable supplier when it comes to wide format printing and large format printing solutions. Our many years of experience cover everything from printing posters and signs to roll-ups and other wide format print jobs....

Custom production

Highlight your business in a unique and professional way with customized labels and stickers. Delfi Technologies is the experienced and reliable supplier when you need specially produced print products in label printing and stickers. With many years of expertise, we...

Linerless print

With a linerless label printer, you can print self-adhesive labels without any backing paper. Typically, most types of labels and stickers have a removable backing paper that can be peeled off like a sticker. A linerless label is ready to...

Wristband print

Delfi Technologies delivers solutions for your business identification process with bracelet printing, barcodes, and data capture. Whether it's for patients, festival-goers, or access wristbands for your event, we have everything you need – from wristbands and wristband printers to specialized...

Package labels

Delfi Technologies er leverandør af effektive løsninger til pakkelabels, fragtlabels og forsendelsesetiketter. Vores sortiment dækker alt fra software til design og opsætning af pakkelabels til labelprintere, som sikrer de rigtige print, der er skræddersyet til at sikre holdbarhed gennem transport...

Receipt rolls

Delfi Technologies is your go-to supplier when it comes to receipt rolls and quality paper for printing receipts and receipts. Our range is extensive and ensures that you have access to receipt rolls in the right size and the necessary...

Click & Collect guide

The behavior of private customers has changed in many ways and facets to be much more digital, and we probably cannot avoid the fact that the corona pandemic has extent helping to influence the new habits we see around us....

Delfi X Cloud

Complete solution for warehouses, stores and service people. Subscription model with fixed monthly payment and full security - no unforeseen expenses.

POS (Point of Sale)

Give your customers the best buying experience by choosing the optimal POS solution (Point of Sale). In cooperation with the largest and the most innovative developers and suppliers of POS solutions, Delfi Technologies offers a carefully selected range of stylish,...

Print solutions

We offer a wide range of print solutions, whether it is large poster print or label print - altogether we have the hardware and software to meet your needs.

MDM software

MDM software provides central management of your organization's mobile devices with the ability to set up apps, settings and security. In this way, you can control all devices such as handheld terminals/PDAs, tablets, laptops and desktop computers as well as...

RFID solutions

Delfi Technologies also develops software solutions based on RFID technology. RFID technology is used to identify objects using radio waves, through communication between a 'tag', which is an object that can be inserted into clothes, packages, etc., and a reader.

Barcode solutions

Our barcode solutions, which are based on barcode software and barcode hardware such as barcode scanners, mobile computers (handheld terminals/PDAs) and tablets, are based on more than 35 years of experience.

Delfi EasyScan

Delfi EasyScan is a software solution targeted to healthcare. Delfi EasyScan digitizes and ensures the patient identification process during the treatment process at hospitals - from patient arrival to discharge.

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