Breece eShelf Displays

Digital shelves – create improved advertising and engagement

Your digital touchpoint

Customer attention has never been harder to capture. Customers are disturbed by many elements throughout the day. Therefore, you must be quick and ready with interesting content that makes them want to spend time on your messages.

We have the solution – our eShelf Displays concept allows you to deliver better shopper experiences by creating dynamic on-shelf content that can change according to your needs and current campaigns.

Deliver dynamic content

Increase engagement in the store and maximize the shopping experience. With eShelf Displays, you get an intuitive communication platform that allows you to deliver dynamic content – directly on the shelf. Integrated with your existing data sources, you can also use the digital shelves to display updated pricing and product information in combination with creative graphics, video clips and more.


  • Better in-store branding
  • Advertising on the shelf
  • Dynamic content
  • Custom design
  • Excellent quality & features
  • Cloud-based management
  • Intuitive platforms

eShelf Displays - Examples of uses cases

Create extra attention with a wide range of dynamic design options - for any type of business

A next level brand experience

Create an improved brand experience in the store by taking your marketing to the next level out on the shelf. Make sure customers are aware of the most important part of the shopping journey – many decisions take place directly on the shelf.

Sell your products in the best way and offer/sell shelf space to suppliers so they can have access to optimize their branding in the store. With strong messages and lively content, your suppliers can have the opportunity to create a better overall experience of desired products.

eShelf Displays

eShelf Displays come in full HD with screens that deliver high quality and the ability to display graphics and video clips along with personalized messages. The design can be customized and changed according to your needs.