Breece Smart Queuing

Breece Smart Queuing

Queue Management System – An add-on solution for Breece System.

With Breece Smart Queuing, you get a Queue Management System where you can serve your customers. Breece Smart Queuing enables you to give your customers an even better experience in the store.

Breece Smart Queuing is not only a queue system, it is also a smart communication channel and first point of contact with your customers. At a time where the customers’ time is more precious than ever, it is crucial to be able to serve, guide and service customers quickly, without compromising on the high quality that customers demand. Streamline selected focus areas and achieve better results when it comes to the customer experience.

Try to imagine if you could:

  • Get an overview of how much time you spend processing a customer
  • Refer your customers to the right desks to pick up click-and-collect orders, etc.
  • Have the opportunity to make upsells for customers by making specific promotions on their receipts
  • Place the right employees behind the counter, whom you know from the statistics are quick to serve the customers, and top up with a smiley rating to find the perfect combination of good customer service – and fast service

Handle customers smartly

Improved queue experience

Get trafic data and statistics

What is Breece Smart Queuing?

  • More than a queue management system
  • Manage queues in real time
  • Allows you to manage customers smartly
  • Speed up the customer service process
  • Improve the shopping experience
  • Get traffic data and statistics
  • An addition to the Breece System​

About the system

With Breece Smart Queuing, you can welcome customers and manage traffic. Monitor your customer visits and let your customers get a ticket number.

Breece Smart Queuing is a subscription-based queue management system that provides an overview to your customers as well as your company. You get rid of the confusion when your customers do not know where the queue starts, what bar they need to go to be served with exactly their needs. At the same time, you avoid large crowds in a small area in times of constraints.

Happier customers

You will achieve happier customers by offering them a fast, safe and comfortable service. The happier your customers are, the better they also like the impressions they get in your business.

Many customers often leave the store when they see how long the queue is when they need to be serviced or pick up items. By using a queue management system, you can handle your customers faster and spread the queue so they don’t have to wait in line. This can help customers have a surplus for the queue time.

With Breece Smart Queuing, you can even prioritize customers based on their segments. For example, the elderly or the disabled.

API integration (REST API)

You can integrate your business / system with Breece Smart Queuing using the API-REST interface. We can connect to your existing systems. You can manage your cows dynamically with names, color, etc.