Breece Cloud

Breece Cloud: Plug & Play – 1, 2, 3 ready to go

Install and manage your electronic shelf labels at the click of a button, using our plug-and-play ‘Breece Cloud ESL service’ with the flexibility of accessing data anytime, anywhere through the Breece Go app or your web browser.

A new way of thinking ESL

The Breece Cloud ESL service is a new way of thinking ESL and our way of making everything a lot easier. All you need is just an internet connection, the wireless ESL antenna, and the electronic shelf labels.

Key features:

  • Out-of-the-box: plug & play – get started easily
  • Pre-configured and connected to your store (ERP or another data source)
  • No need for a server and local installation of software
  • Secure 2-way communication between store and Breece Cloud
  • Accessible from anywhere either using app or web
  • Use your own device – support for Android and iOS*
  • Scalable Cloud setup – grows as your business grows

Enterprise deployment:

It is also possible to host our software solution within your own premises, we call it Breece Enterprise – contact our sales team if you want to learn more.



The German hunting retailer, Frankonia, has decided to roll out Breece System with electronic shelf labels (ESL) from Delfi Technologies in all its stores to connect the online and offline shopping experience.

The choice fell on Delfi Technologies’ ESL solution because it is cloud-based and very easy to use. At the same time, the implementation is simple with a low-impact infrastructure that doesn’t require much to get started.

– Based on the good test results from the pilot project with the Delfi ESL solution, we have decided to roll out the solution to all our stores. This gives us the ability to manage our product and price information much more smoothly while also giving us the opportunity to respond much faster, says Jens Meister, Sales Manager at Frankonia. /, a leading bicycle and moped dealer in Denmark, has taken a big step when it comes to retail technology. The company has installed electronic shelf labels from Delfi Technologies in their store – a system that has had a significant impact on business processes and customer experience.

In Skanderborg, Denmark you find an inspiring showroom where you can see a wide selection of bicycles, spare parts and equipment from Since majority of the sales takes place online, where prices easily can be adjusted and adapted to the competitive situation, it was therefore a natural step to look for a solution with digital price tags for the physical showroom.

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