Solutions for wine- and delicatessen shops

Digital price signs for wine and delicatessen shops

Delfi Breece System and digital price/product signs play a central role in creating a personal and engaged experiences for the customer – directly at the shelf edge. The digital price tags are the most powerful sales influencer, as a majority of purchase decisions are made right here. Therefore, you should take great advantage of a dynamic and digital solution where you can change promotions and prices quickly and easily – across the web shop, your physical shop or an entire chain of stores.

The market’s leading full-graphic digital signs for you who want to:

  • Change prices and campaigns in a few seconds – both online in the webshop and in physical stores
  • Free up staff for customer service and other important tasks
  • Influence customers and the purchase decisions directly at the shelves

Jysk Vin

When you enter Jysk Vin, you quickly get a sense of a good mood, staff members who are fussy about the small details and at the same time manage to create a shop where you could easily spend a lot of time. At Delfi Technologies, we quickly understand why Jysk Vin has many regular customers who come back again and again.

Right among quality wines and 1,060 digital displays from Delfi, you are greeted by a firm handshake from Flemming Olsen, Director and Partner of Jysk Vin.

“At Jysk Vin, we needed a solution that could ensure that our offers and prices online, were automatically displayed in our physical store. A new workflow had to be introduced, which made everyday work easier in every way and made it more manageable for our staff, but also for our visiting customers,” says Flemming and continues: “Now I can sit down and change prices online that also comes out automatically in the store. Before, I had to update the prices, ask the staff to go out and find the wine, make a new sticker and update that in this way. But because we constantly get new products, prices and offers, we save oceans of time with this solution,” says Flemming proudly.

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