Breece Chroma Aeon 27

Experience the future with Chroma Aeon 27:

Welcome to a new era! With Chroma Aeon 27 – a ground-breaking full-graphic digital price sign – your store environment is transformed into a living and dynamic oasis of possibilities. Imagine changing prices and offers in an instant, not just in a single store, but across your entire store chain. Welcome to the future of retail.

With the latest E-ink display technology, our digital price signs can reduce glare and remain visible close to 180 degrees.

Thanks to our wireless ESL antenna, which enables two-way communication between your store system and the digital price signs, you get instant updates and details such as battery status, which ensures that the quality of your price signs always remains top notch. And it doesn’t stop here.

Let’s also dive into the digital price tags. They are not just divorced; they are high resolution masterpieces, with full graphics capability and available in up to three enchanting colors. These digital price signs are designed to influence purchasing decisions – right at the shelf. They deliver the clearest and most consistent colors and images available. They are built to last and deliver an incredible experience for both you and your customers.

Up to 6 pages of memory

Each price tag has up to 6 pages of memory that can be used to implement promotions quickly, display stock information to store staff and help them provide good customer service, replenish and manage stock management tasks more easily.

Furthermore, this price tag comes with the option of using an LED indicator to assist staff further – for example, to locate the correct price tag when restocking items using our location services.

Let’s not forget the key features:

  • Full graphics capability with up to three colors.
  • Wireless two-way communication between your system and digital price signs.
  • Low power consumption with battery life up to 10 years (and replaceable batteries to extend life).
  • LED option with green indicator
  • Cloud software that gives you full control over the solution.

So what are you waiting for? Turn up the innovation and step into the future of retail with Chroma Aeon 27’s digital price tag. Your store will never be the same again.

Chroma Aeon 27

Full graphics, three colors, two-way communication, long life, replaceable batteries

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Fully graphical, visible in 180 degrees, two-way communication

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