Breece Electronic Shelf Labels

The market leading fully graphic Electronic Shelf Labels

With our fully graphic electronic shelf labels you can remotely change prices and promotions in seconds – across one store or thousands. Featuring the latest electrophoretic display (EPD) technology, our fully graphic displays reduce glare and are viewable through close to 180°.

The wireless ESL communicator handles a two-way communication between your the Breece Cloud and the electronic shelf labels – reporting that updates have been made and providing details such as battery voltage and temperature, so you can ensure the display’s quality is always high.

The labels

The labels are high resolution, fully graphic and available in up to three colours helping you to influence the buying decision at the shelf edge. They have the brightest and most consistent colours and images available, and they can also operate from -25°C to 30°C.

Key Features of Electronic Shelf Labels:

  • Fully graphic and available in up to three colours
  • Wireless 2-way communication between your system and the labels
  • Low power consumption – up to 10 year battery life (replaceable batteries for extended life)
  • Cloud software options

Our Chroma series

Fully graphic, three colors, two-way communication, long life, replaceable batteries

Breece Aura Aeon Freezer Display

Fully graphic, visible in 180 degrees, two-way communication, frost display option

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