Dynamic Communicator

The ESL infrastructure

Dynamic Communicator with full two-way communication

The Dynamic Communicator is the hub of the in-store RF (radio frequency) infrastructure and is responsible for managing the distribution of data across the full store network of ESLs. The Breece Cloud solution is simple to implement – you only need a Communicator and the electronic shelf labels (ESLs), removing the need for an in-store server and any store software installation.

The Dynamic Communicator, which links the Cloud solution to the electronic shelf labels in your stores, runs over separate frequencies to Wi-Fi making it secure, resilient and interference-free.

With full two-way communication the wireless communicators are easy to install in your stores with a simple bracket, powered over Ethernet (PoE). Each system can connect up to 200,000 displays across 50,000 square feet. This makes our solution the lower-cost, higher-performing way to get the most value from your price and promotion strategies.

Key features

  • Extensive coverage – one Communicator has range of up to 50,000 square feet
  • Fully scalable – one Communicator supports up to 200,000 displays
  • High data rate means labels can be updated quickly
  • True two-way communication – auditable confirmation of display updates and health status
  • Easy installation – only requires power from an Ethernet connection (PoE)

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