Robust handheld terminals and tablets

Designed for industrial environments

Robust handheld terminals and tablets

Rugged handheld terminals and tablets

Focus on durability and ruggedness

Rugged handheld terminals and tablets

Delfi Technologies leads in delivering rugged truck terminals and industrial solutions, including advanced, durable handheld terminals and tablets designed specifically to meet the requirements of even the most challenging industrial environments. Our range is tailored to meet the needs of warehouse management, production, and other demanding work environments where reliable and efficient task handling is crucial.

A robust handheld terminal must withstand the wear and tear of daily use and potential drops along the way. Primarily, it should endure shocks and being dropped on the floor, but it also needs to withstand moisture, dust, dirt, and extreme temperature conditions. Another hallmark of an industrial handheld terminal is exceptional performance with superb readability—even from a distance and with the most damaged barcodes.

Our range of industrial devices places particular emphasis on durability and ruggedness to ensure reliable performance even under extreme conditions. These devices are designed to resist dust, water, shocks, and temperature fluctuations, making them ideal for use in industrial settings. This allows businesses to optimize their processes, reduce errors, and ensure smooth operations, even under the most challenging conditions.

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Additionally, businesses can streamline their workflows by integrating advanced technologies such as barcode scanning and RFID. This enables rapid and accurate data collection, which helps reduce errors and increase productivity. Industrial handheld terminals and rugged tablets are also designed with user-friendliness in mind, making them easy to implement and operate without extensive training.

Increased mobility and efficient data capture

Truck terminals

Focus on mobility and flexibility

Wireless truck-mounted handheld terminals and tablets offer increased mobility and efficient data capture with great flexibility. A solution integrated onto a truck can provide numerous benefits in warehouses by improving workflow processes and enhancing productivity. Our range of truck terminals is extensive and includes a wide variety of industrial devices from leading brands in the market – ranging from truck PCs to industrial tablets and handheld terminals specifically designed for use on trucks.

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