Gert Farup Lindquist - Eventyrsport

Electronic shelf labels help to convert visitors...

The time, that was previously spent on changing prices and marking up clothes and shoes at the adventure- and sports chain Eventyrsport, is now spend on customer service and advice.

Electronic pricing optimizes customer experience...

In the end of 2017, Bauhaus in Tilst, Denmark, implemented electronic shelf labels on its more than 40,000 items.

Fleggaard optimizes warehouse and stores

In the central warehouse, mobile printers have been installed on trucks and stackers, and in Fleggaard's 17 stores there have been delivered PDAs to control all product registration - an upgrade that makes the overall busi

Electronic pricing - when effort pays off

In the winter of 2018, Johannes Fog Timber & Construction in Farum is ready for electronic price labels.
Elektroniske prisskilte hos XL-byg

Electronic pricing will release more time for cu...

In order to release more time for customer service while managing campaigns and prices on a whole different level, the CF Group, which is part of XL-BYG, decided to introduce electronic shelf labels with Delfi Technologies
Metropolitan pharmacy Munich Airport Center

Metropolitan - the pharmacy of the future in Mun...

A location located where the world meets puts great demands up on a pharmacy in order to reach an extraordinary service level


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