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Kop & Kande has entered a partnership with Delfi Technologies to supply digital price tags to the chain’s stores

A new collaboration between Kop & Kande and Delfi Technologies means that approximately 100 stores can now install digital price tags to achieve increased flexibility in price management. A user-friendly solution that streamlines work in the stores while also contributing to improving the customer experience.

The innovative solution with digital signage has made its debut at Kop & Kande in Nykøbing Mors, which is the first Kop & Kande store in the chain to embrace the digital future and implement digital price tags from Delfi Technologies. This investment has opened up a range of benefits that strengthen the store’s ability to adapt to the market, modernize operations, and meet customer needs in a more dynamic manner.

The digital transformation is expected to give the store in Nykøbing Mors a clear competitive advantage and serve as inspiration for other stores within the Kop & Kande chain considering introducing digital price tags.

– We are proud to be pioneers in digital signage within the Kop & Kande chain. We are convinced that it not only improves the efficiency of our daily operations but also enhances the entire customer experience, says Palle Bülow Kristensen, Store Owner at Kop & Kande Nykøbing Mors.

– At the same time, we have achieved an additional benefit from the implementation of digital price tags in the form of tangible time savings. We especially notice this in the setup of new signs, both for new offers and for subsequent removal of the signs – it all happens automatically, he continues.

"We are proud to be pioneers in digital signage within the Kop & Kande chain. We are convinced that it not only improves the efficiency of our daily operations but also enhances the entire customer experience."

Palle Bülow Kristensen Store Owner at Kop & Kande Nykøbing Mors.

Dynamic price management with great flexibility

One of the most significant advantages of digital price tags is increased flexibility in price management. With digital price tags, Kop & Kande can quickly and easily adjust prices in real-time, which is a significant competitive advantage in a dynamic market. The signs automatically receive new updates about prices or general product information sent from the system via a wireless antenna.

Automatic updating of the chain’s promotional prices has also become significantly easier, as the store can now implement new promotional prices efficiently and instantly, ensuring that customers always see the correct prices on the shelf.

– Our collaboration with Delfi Technologies opens up for the implementation of digital price tags in Kop & Kande stores – an initiative in line with the desire to constantly improve the customer experience and make everyday life easier for both staff and our customers, says Brian Fabricius Rasmussen, IT/Operations Consultant at the headquarters of Kop & Kande.

With digital price tags, stores in the Kop & Kande chain have the opportunity to integrate and synchronize prices and promotions from the webshop with prices in the local store. This creates a more cohesive experience for customers, whether they are shopping online or in a physical store. Additionally, local adjustments can be implemented directly in the store, making it easier for staff to handle regional preferences or campaigns specifically targeting the local market with special offers.

A user-friendly tool for employees

It is not only a practical solution that reduces a significant amount of manual work for staff but also an elegant and modern solution that helps elevate the expression throughout the store. Stores can benefit from a user-friendly solution with flexible layout options ranging from special campaign layouts and member prices to many other customization options. This allows Kop & Kande to create a more dynamic and engaging environment for their customers.

The solution itself is cloud-based and easy to use in everyday life. As soon as a product is linked to one of the digital signs, the sign automatically receives future updates. Staff can use a mobile app (BreeceGo) to link new signs and products together. Here, the store has chosen to use the app on existing phones, from which they can then manage everything from complete system overview to changing sign layouts, deleting/adding items, etc. The app can also be installed on existing handheld terminals, such as those used for other tasks such as inventory counting or receiving goods.

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