Breece System with electronic shelf labels helps to profile the store to Goecker’s customers

Goecker has sold photo equipment to professionals, companies and institutions for more than 150 years. The company is now in the process of expanding their customer base to photo enthusiasts and businesses looking for professional photo equipment. This means that the Goecker store has changed its company profile: From being a shop focusing on a niche of professional photographers and on the close relationship between staff and customers, to a store with far more new customers having diverse backgrounds. Breece System with electronic shelf labels helps to profile the store to Goecker’s customers.

New electronic shelf labels are part of the branding

Christian Carl Christiansen, director of Goecker A/S, says:

“We are expanding our customer base, and this brings along several “first meetings” with new customers. We want our customers to feel welcome – and we want them to understand quickly that we are focusing on quality and high service levels. The new electronic shelf labels are playing a major role in this process. First of all our electronic shelf labels offer us the possibility to display product prices with and without VAT, as well as the opportunity to show the leasing prices. Furthermore, the display dimensions are bigger, so that we also have the opportunity to show relevant product specifications. This gives new customers a good overview of the products and a greater feeling of secureness. Last but not least it is important to say that our electronic shelf labels are a professional element in our branding process.”

Electronic shelf labels make it easier to focus on service and sales

After the installation of the electronic shelf labels it has become far easier for the shop assistants to have focus on sales and service. Kenneth Lauritzen, shop assistant at Goecker, says:

”The talk with our customers – and in general the entire sales process – has become much easier. In the past, we had to interrupt our sales dialogue and leave the customer for a while, as we needed to check out product prices. In order to be able to tell the customer the exact prices, we had to look them up in our computers and needed to calculate leasing prices as well. Now we have all information available directly at the product shelves – to the delight of our customers and our selves. Finally it also has become easier to make upselling.”

Today, we are using a solution making work much easier for our shop assistants and ensuring that all prices in our sales channels always are updated.

Christian Carl Christiansen Goecker A/S in Copenhagen

Omnichannel strategy provides a coherent experience on sales channels

Goecker has an omnichannel strategy giving customers a valuable experience on all companies’ sales channels. As a result, Goecker also invests in online sales.

Christian Carl Christiansen says:

“We are a player in a market with constant dynamic price movements and we therefore have to adjust our prices accordingly. With our ESL solution from Delfi Technologies we only have to change the prices at one single location, but the changes are effected on all sales channels. Thus, we do not need to waste our time on remembering to replace price tags any longer.”


Easy implementation of the solution

Regarding the implementation process of the Breece System at Goecker Christian Carl Christiansen says:

“It was an easy decision to make. We had heard about the solution from a Norwegian company, which is similar to ours. The solution was of big value for the comapny so I was sure that it also would be of great value for us. The installations process was easy and we have only positive experiences with the Breece solution. Now we are planning to integrate our stores in Aarhus and Stockholm.”

The solution

Goecker has chosen Breece System’s fully graphical ePaper solution. The electronic shelf labels can display several prices and relevant product specifications. Breece System secures correct prices at the checkout and all other sales channels.

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