Logistics in Greenland: Centralized management ensures efficiency at Pisiffik

Greenland’s leading retail chain, Pisiffik, has improved the efficiency and operation of their stores by successfully addressing logistics challenges. A key partner in this effort is the IT company Delfi Technologies, whose barcode solution has proven crucial to the entire logistics puzzle surrounding inventory management. 

Pisiffik has over 800 employees and operates more than 50 stores in Greenland’s six largest cities, offering a diverse range of food and non-food concepts, ranging from supermarkets to clothing stores and furniture shops. The chain’s mission is built on the ambition to be a market leader in all concepts, with a focus on competitive prices, quality, selection, and service.

Today, the chain’s concepts include Pisiffik (supermarket), SPAR (groceries), Akiki (discount store), Pisattat (household goods), Torrak Fashion (clothing store), JYSK (bedding and furniture), ILVA (furniture), Elgiganten (electronics and appliances), NotaBene (outdoor and electronics), SuKu (decor and home accessories), Sunset Boulevard (fast food), KK Engros and KK Cash & Carry (wholesale), as well as Pisffik.gl – Greenland’s largest online store.

"Our solution from Delfi Technologies plays a crucial role in smooth operations and logistics management in our stores, supporting our goal of becoming a more data-driven company."

Kristian Aagaard IT Manager at Pisiffik

Weather and distances require planning

In the challenging Greenlandic logistics and supply chain, where goods must be transported by ship or air freight, and delivery times are long, it is necessary to plan orders far in advance to ensure the right assortment in stores. Unpredictable weather adds further complexity and can impact the delivery of goods to the stores.

To streamline workflows and enable the chain’s employees to handle crucial tasks in the stores, essential functionality has been moved from the chain’s ERP/economic system to an app on mobile PDAs.

Delfi Technologies has developed a barcode solution with software tailored to Pisiffik, serving as a valuable tool in the employees’ daily lives. Through a mobile app, employees can perform tasks such as inventory counting, goods receipt, and product look-up directly in the store.

Through the app, employees have access to all necessary information about the products, and it is also possible to carry out product transfers if, for example, there is a need to move goods from one store to another.

Opportunity to assist customers immediately

According to Allan Mortensen, Store Manager at NotaBene, the solution saves time and allows the staff to help customers directly on the spot. NotaBene supplies everything in outdoor, hunting and fishing, as well as electronics to the Greenlandic market.

– It is significant that we can access relevant product information, no matter where we are. It allows us to stay in the store and provide immediate assistance to customers, Allan Mortensen says.

– Practically, it means that we have a kind of mini-computer in hand with all the necessary information about our assortment. This way, we avoid leaving the store to seek information on a computer in the backroom, he continues.

Centralized control and operational reliability are crucial factors

The operation of the mobile solution is centrally managed from the IT department at Pisiffik’s headquarters via a Mobile Device Management (MDM) tool, where new functionality, software updates, adjustment of user rights, etc., are managed and rolled out to the mobile devices in all stores.

IT Manager at Pisiffik, Kristian Aagaard, emphasizes the importance of IT solutions with centralized management in Greenland, where large distances to the stores and unpredictable weather conditions create significant logistical challenges:

– Operational reliability and efficiency are two crucial elements in the unique and challenging Greenlandic environment. With such large distances between the stores, having the necessary IT tools for centralized control is a prerequisite for success, he says, continuing:

– Our solution from Delfi Technologies plays a crucial role in smooth operations and logistics management in our stores, supporting our goal of becoming a more data-driven company.

In addition to mobile PDA’s and software, Delfi Technologies has also provided electronic shelf labels, barcode scanners, receipt printers, and other barcode solutions to Pisiffik’s stores.

About Pisiffik

Pisiffik a/s is Greenland’s leading retail chain with 800 employees and 12 different store concepts, including more than 50 stores in Greenland’s 6 largest cities. The chain also operates Greenland’s largest online store with more than 16,000 items online.

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