Min købmand møldrup secures future change of generation

The grocery couple at Min Købmand Møldrup are soon ready to pass on the store. Pia Ambrosius has grown up in the grocery store, and for the last 26 years she has run the store together with her husband Hans-Peter Ambrosius. A couple with a big drive to always have improvements in mind, and who several times have renovated and optimized the 460sqm store. Most recently, they have implemented electronic shelf labels.

Pia Ambrosius is the 5th generation owner of the local Min Købmand in Møldrup, and now it’s time for Pia and Hans-Peter to retire and let new forces come to life. Earlier this year, they announced an upcoming generational change to Per Thorsgaard, who will take over the store in the autumn of 2023. The couple feels ready for the change, and they feel safe spending the next years handing over the responsibility and the business to Per Thorsgaard.


During their time in the store, the couple has repeatedly renovated and improved the store. In 2002 they expanded their physical surroundings, in which they, among other things, included the main house, which they lived in themselves. Today, the store counts 460sqm and a 270sqm warehouse, office, kitchen, and staff room.

However, for several years the couple has had a desire to optimize once again. They have seen how their colleagues have installed electronic shelf labels, and thereby streamlined the price signage – and that has been on their wish list for a long time. Same with the new inventory.

– The electronic shelf labels from Delfi Technologies are a long-term investment in the store, which will also benefit the next generation, says Pia Ambrosius, 5th generation owner of Min Købmand Møldrup.

– The store is like a child to us, and we only want to provide the best conditions for the new grocer, and hand over a store we are proud of, adds Pia Ambrosius.

"We have never regretted the investment we made in digital price signage – on the contrary, we have future-proofed the store for the new grocer."

Hans-Peter Ambrosius, owner of Min Købmand Møldrup


Therefore, a major planning work began with the placement of new inventory, as well as which and how many electronic shelf labels the grocery couple needed. It turned into over 4.000 electronic shelf labels, 200 of which are special yellow signs (Chroma Yellow), which are used to mark yellow-price items. The entire store was completed in the summer of 2021.

– After we have installed electronic shelf labels, we can change and adjust our prices in a few seconds. We no longer need to spend Friday night replacing paper signs. We have never regretted the investment we made in digital price signage – on the contrary, we have future-proofed the store for the new grocer, Hans-Peter Ambrosius emphasizes.

Luckily, the customers also share the couple’s enthusiasm for the newly renovated and inspiring store.  The shopping experience is now complete, and the customers have gradually begun to get used to the fact that Per Thorsgaard will run the store in the future.

Hans-Peter and Pia themselves are looking forward to having even more time for their children and grandchildren, and their many other activities that they have in parallel to the store. Pia has taken an acupuncture education and Hans-Peter sits on several interesting boards, where he attends meetings weekly.


Min Købmand is one of Dagrofa’s local grocery chains focusing on presence, safety, and good service. Here, customers can buy both large and small. Nationwide, Min Købmands has 163 stores owned by independent merchants.

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