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Snarkjøp enhances the in-store experience with electronic shelf labels from Delfi Technologies

Snarkjøp, a grocery chain in Norway, is implementing electronic shelf labels from the IT company Delfi Technologies to streamline daily operations and ensure more efficient handling of price and product updates in the chain’s stores.

In the Norwegian grocery chain Snarkjøp, which has a nationwide presence with small and medium-sized grocery stores, a significant amount of time and resources were spent managing constant price changes and adding new products. To simplify daily routines in the chain’s stores, the search for an effective solution with electronic shelf labels began. The choice fell on Delfi Technologies’ Breece System after Snarkjøp had explored the market for possible suppliers and solutions.

"Ved årsskiftet 2023 fik vi installeret digitale prisskilte fra Delfi. Med konstante prisændringer og nye produkttilføjelser har dette gjort hverdagen væsentligt lettere."

Simen Markussen General Manager, Samhald landhandel i Ål i Hallingdal

With the electronic shelf labels from Delfi Technologies, the stores in the Snarkjøp chain can now update prices and product information in real-time, saving not only time but also eliminating errors. An automated approach contributes to streamlining store operations while creating a more dynamic and modern in-store experience.

– In the beginning of 2023, we installed electronic shelf labels from Delfi. With constant price changes and new product additions, this has significantly eased our everyday life, says Simen Markussen, General Manager at Samhald Landhandel in Ål in Hallingdal.

Samhald Landhandel in Ål in Hallingdal is part of the Snarkjøp chain and operates as a 24-hour, full-range grocery store with a self-service solution.

User-friendly solution is a significant advantage in daily life

The electronic shelf labels automatically receive updated information from the cash register/ERP system, where a wireless antenna ensures sending new updates to the tags. This is a user-friendly solution easily managed through a mobile app (BreeceGo). In the app, store staff have the ability to make changes to tag layouts, add products, and perform other essential functions – directly at the shelf.

For the stores, this simplifies the entire process of managing products, which is a significant advantage in daily operations, explains Simen Markussen:

– A significant advantage and much of the reason we chose Delfi is that it is cloud-based, easy to connect, and very user-friendly. We are very satisfied with Delfi’s support from the start, throughout, and after everything was up and running. In a daily life marked by a lot of stress, it’s very nice to have installed electronic shelf labels from Delfi.

About Snarkjøp

Snarkjøp is a nationwide grocery chain established in 2013, with headquarters in Kristiansand. The chain focuses on small and medium-sized grocery stores in Norway, emphasizing local entrepreneurship with freedom for store owners to decide on pricing, assortment, promotions, etc. The chain is growing rapidly and continuously opening new stores across the country.

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