Local supermarket is at the forefront of the development

Despite Corona, the local Danish Vejers Supermarket has had a good year. When things go well, profits are invested in developing the business. Most recently, the local Let-Køb store has invested in electronic price tags from Delfi Technologies.

Located at Stjerne Camping in Vejers Strand, Southwest Jutland (Denmark), you will find Vejers Supermarket, which is part of Let-Køb – one of Dagrofa’s local chain of stores. The supermarket employs a total of 13 staff members incl. part-time and holiday replacements. Especially in high season, it is extra busy when campers and holidaymakers pass by, but in fact, the supermarket is open 363 days a year.

Vejers Supermarked is owned and operated by Stjerne Camping, with Store Manager Anne Marie Enghave in charge of the daily operations. Together with the owners, she is constantly looking at new opportunities to improve the store, as the profits are reinvested in developing the business.

Among other things, energy-saving initiatives have been implemented in the fridge and freezer area as well as new lighting. Most recently, it the store has implemented electronic shelf fronts (ESL), which have been on the Store Manager’s wish list for a long time. According to Anne Marie Enghave, the inspiration came from other supermarkets, as it is something you gradually see everywhere today.

"I have often thought that it was smart with electronic shelf labels, and we must have that, because we probably could save a lot of time."

Anne Marie Enghave, Storemanager at Vejers Supermarket


As Vejers Supermarket is part of the Let-Køb chain and thus also Dagrofa, for which Delfi Technologies is already an approved supplier, the store could quickly get started with electronic price tags. Delfi Technologies has been supplying electronic price tags to Dagrofa for more than 10 years.

– I laid sleepless all night up to installation day because IT may not be my strong point. But there was no reason for that at all – it was all just very easy to work with, says Anne Marie Enghave and continues:

– For all Let-Køb stores, there is a start pack, where you get everything you need so you can get started quickly. Here, we get several electronic shelf labels, which we can start within in selected areas, and then we can continuously order more.

The Let-Køb stores can use the mentioned start pack, which contains a complete solution. The installation itself can take place according to the store’s needs, so you can, for example, take it department by department or bay by bay.

In addition to electronic shelf labels, the package also consists of a wireless antenna for communication and a software package (Breece Cloud). The electronic shelf labels are available in different sizes, where Vejer Supermarket has chosen the larger displays for fruit and vegetables, which require larger signs. The smaller signs are used for the general product range.


The electronic price tags retrieve data directly from the store’s own system, so regardless of whether the goods are purchased via Dagrofa or local suppliers, the signs can find the item as soon as it is created in the system.

When the electronic shelf labels need to be connected to new items, the store can also use the existing order terminal for this. Here, you simply scan the item’s barcode and the display barcode, and the two are connected. You can also use the handheld terminal to delete a sign from the system.


Anne Marie Enghave also mentions that the store can use the system to reduce the price of items with short expiration date. So if you want to adjust the price of e.g. milk or yogurt, you just do it directly in the system, after which the shelf labels will be updated with the reduced price.

– Of course, we would rather sell the items instead of throwing them out. We can use the electronic price tags for this, as we can react and change prices much faster, explains Anne Marie Enghave.

– When we update a price in the system, it only takes a few seconds before the sign is updated. It is very simple and something everyone can find do, she says.


Vejers Supermarket is one of the stores that dare to take the lead in development and look for new ways concerning the development of the business. The next project will be the establishment of a room for firewood outside the store. The Store Manager also hopes that electronic shelf labels will be installed throughout the entire store.

– We have now seen how well it works and how simple it is to work with. So, I can only recommend that we implement it throughout the store, concludes Anne Marie Enghave.


Let-Køb is one of Dagrofa’s local store chains. Let-Køb has over 100 grocery stores throughout Denmark. The stores offer customers what they are just missing. Let-Køb has local services and a product range that is 100 percent adapted to the location of the stores.

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