New print solution in 1.200 Netto stores

The Danish supermarket chain, Netto, has more than 1,800 solid products in each store.
That’s why they wanted a new, smarter and faster print solution so the everyday life could be optimized for employees as well for the customers.

All of Nettos physical stores in Denmark and Poland are today equipped with two very effective printers from Epson. A setup composed by Delfi Technologies, which consists of an extremely user-friendly Epson TM-C3500 label printer, which prints all their shelf fronts in exactly the order they want. At the same time, Netto and Delfi also found the right solution through the productive Epson C529R, which manages to handle their many A4 and A5 signs in the shops in Denmark and Poland.

"There was no solution on the market that could solve our challenges and still give our prices a better look. That is why we contacted Delfi Technologies, with whom we have collaborated for in many years, and this fantastic solution came out of it."

Simon Harritz Adamsen, Team Leder IT-support


Netto needed a streamlined and sharp price communication, for example to ensure a better customer experience. The Epson C529R makes it possible to raise the price tags, so that customers can now have a large and better overview of what is an offer and what is discounted in the shops.

Delfi Technologies has set up the solution in such a way that Netto is able to make color, flags and logos on both price tags and price signs.

“The playground of possibilities” as Simon Harritz Adamsen says, with a smile on his face.


In addition to a desire for a better customer experience, Netto knew very well that a new printer solution through Delfi Technologies could make the everyday life more time-effective for their many employees – and that is easy for the store staff to feel.

Before, a lot of time was spent on printing the price tags, sorting them, and setting them up. But now the employees can show up every day to price tags that are already ready for them, as they have been printed out overnight, and even in the desired order so they avoid the small mistakes you can achieve by manual sorting.


With the new printer solution, Netto has gone from three different types of paper to two types of paper, and thereby the operating costs have been reduced, because there are fewer misprints and Epson printers adjust exactly the amount of paper to be used for their signs. In addition, a high ink output has reduced the need for frequent ordering and replacement of ink and makes it perfect for a wide range of environments.

About Netto

Netto is Denmark’s largest grocery chain, which has 1,500+ discount stores located in Denmark, Germany, Poland and Sweden, respectively, of which the first Netto store opened in Copenhagen back in 1981 and the chain has since expanded with a high speed.

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