Successful co-op association has the largest profit in the country

In Helsinge city in Denmark, you will find the co-op association with the best profit in the country. The local Kvickly store has found the recipe for making profit. In the future, even more energy will be spent on customers and staff members. Electronic shelf labels play a crucial role here.

In Denmark, there are hundreds of co-op associations, but no one makes money like the one in Helsinge. Helsinge co-op association was the one with the largest profit before tax in 2019.

Kvickly Helsinge currently has an annual turnover of approximately DKK 250 million and has grown to become a large and successful business. Recently, the local Kvickly department store got a new director.

The new department store director, John Øager Byrian, has ambitions to continue the successful journey and the good business talent. In the future, there will be an even greater focus on customers and on the staff members in the store.

– It is about spending more energy on customers and how we meet them. With the staff, we must focus on the areas where we can make the workday easier for them, says John Øager Byrian.

It is precisely where electronic shelf labels come into the picture, where the solution from Delfi Technologies is of great importance for the staff members workday in the store.

"Electronic shelf labels help to make the workday easier and it makes all the work with products and prices much simpler, so we get more time for other important tasks in the store."

John Øager Byrian, Department Store Director at Kvickly Helsinge


The Kvickly chain is part of Coop, which is Denmark’s only customer-owned grocery company. Coop also has the ambition to be the grocery company that is most focused on the customers and that makes the biggest positive difference for them.

It is especially the chains and stores that are closest to the customers that can make a difference for the customers.

– It is crucial to have a good customer experience – they are the basis of our existence. Here, electronic shelf labels are an important tool. In that way, we can always ensure the same price on the shelf and at the checkout. At the same time, we give our staff members more time to focus on the customers, John Øager Byrian explains.


The new department store director is responsible for 220 staff members – it is an experienced grocer with 35 years of experience in the grocery industry and more than 20 years in Coop. He got his first store when he was 27 years old.

In addition to a unique customer focus, the new department store director will also focus on making the workday easier for the staff. He wants to help managers become even better leaders and focus on staff members.


Kvickly is among the leading grocery chains in Denmark with 78 department stores throughout the country. The product range consists of both food and non-food – with a large selection of quality products within hardware, clothing, personal care, bicycles, toys and last, but not least food.

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