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Electronic price tags inform customers in a completely new way in ICA

At ICA Supermarket Smedby in Kalmar, they have installed electronic shelf labels from Delfi Technologies. The prerequisite for choosing Delfi’s solution is that they are partners with ICA, and everything is integrated with ICA StoreOffice and NYA BOB (BackOfficeButik).

ICA Supermarket Smedby in Kalmar is a popular business that has been run for generations. Tony Borgryd, who has installed electronic shelf labels from Delfi Technologies, was hired by the store in 1989 and took over the business from his father in 1995. Since then, the store has opened in new and larger premises, just across the road.

Tony had long gone with the idea of ​​having electronic shelf labels installed in the store but could not find a system that suited his needs. When he heard about the “Breece System” from Delfi Technologies, which among other things allows you to change prices without sitting at the computer, there was no way around it.

Delfi Technologies is an IT solution provider that, among other things, delivers electronic shelf label solutions from 14 offices throughout Europe, including in Sweden. In total, Delfi currently has more than 3,000 active electronic price tags installations spread across Europe and more than 15 million signs in operation.

''A big advantage of the electronic shelf labels is that I can change the prices on the go.''

Tony Borgryd, grocer at ICA Supermarket Smedby, Kalmar.


With the Breece system, getting started is quick and easy. Delfi Technologies is a certified and approved supplier at ICA IMS, which is a requirement when implementing new systems at the chain. The Breece system is configured by default against ICA’s StoreOffice and NYA BOB. The Breece solution with electronic shelf fronts is also cloud-based, and it only requires a wireless antenna that connects directly to the store’s existing ICA network.

Tony works as usual in StoreOffice, where he manages prices and promotions. As soon as Tony has made price changes or promotions and presses save, the system automatically picks up the updates and sends them out to the many signs on the shelves.

Availability on the go

– One of the big advantages is that I can access my store’s systems from my private computer as they are cloud-based. That way, I can sit at home and still make price changes. For example, I was sitting at home after Christmas thinking that I had too much Christmas ham in stock. With my computer, I could lower the price of the ham, without contacting the staff in the store. After 30 seconds, the price on the shelf and in the box was updated, and I quickly got sold out of all the ham, says Tony Borgryd, grocer at ICA Smedby.

To link new items to the shelf fronts, they use Delfi’s app, Breece Mobile Assist. The app is available in both the Google Play Store and the App Store. It can be used via employees’ smartphones or on a handheld terminal. The employee simply scans the item’s barcode and then the electronic shelf edge’s barcode. The product is then linked to the shelf front edge and will in the future be automatically updated with data from StoreOffice.

Many design options

There are many different types of layouts for the many signs in the store. For example, information on membership offers and multi-discounts can easily be displayed on the large A4-size signs. As something completely new, it is now also possible to personalize these signs, and the store in Smedby is among the first to implement this. This means that they can clearly show that an offer is only valid in the Smedby store, and not elsewhere.

The store also uses the option to show a discount rate in percent or kroner, something that Breece System automatically calculates, so you can show it on the electronic signs – for example, that you save 20% on a selected item. In addition, you can also show arrows on the screens, e.g., in cases where the product is placed under the display, you activate the arrows so that the customer can more easily find the product in question. All new opportunities to help customers with important product information. It could also be to show two products/prices on one sign at places where space is tight on the shelf, or the products are very close.

It is also possible to apply different messages on the signs. An example might be that a product is sold out or cannot be obtained from the supplier. In this case, the store can write this on the sign, and inform the customers. It could also be information to customers that their meat and cold cuts are freshly cut in the store to signal freshness.

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