Danish supermarket chain implements esl in all stores

The privately owned, Danish supermarket chain Løvbjerg is doing well, and has experienced a great development in 2020 with a 18% growth. The chain is therefore also investing in modernization and more digital initiatives. Most recently, Løvbjerg has introduced electronic shelf labels in all stores.

Despite Corona, the family-owned supermarket chain Løvbjerg, which has a total of 15 stores in Denmark, is experiencing a stable growth in all stores, which gives a good optimism for the future. In addition, Løvbjerg will also open a large new supermarket in Esbjerg in 2022.

The family-owned business is run in a very special way, using the principle of ‘freedom under responsibility’. According to CEO of Løvbjerg, Jesper Due, this means that you hire talented people who get the freedom to develop the stores. It is especially a strength in times of crisis, he says:

– The stores have the freedom to adapt and develop the stores – and this is clearly an advantage during the Corona situation, where it is necessary to act quickly.

At the moment, massive investments are being made in a modernization of the stores, where Løvbjerg most has recently introduced electronic shelf labels in all stores. It is a solution provided by Delfi Technologies.

"We have initiated several digital initiatives. With ESL, we can save a larger number of staff hours, where the resources instead can be used for other tasks in the store. At the same time, it lifts our customer service, as we ensure the right price."

Jesper Due, CEO at Løvbjerg


The implementation of electronic shelf labels is part of Løvbjerg’s digital development, which also has made it possible to order and pay for take away online.

– We have initiated several digital initiatives. With electronic shelf labels, we can save a larger number of staff hours, where the resources instead can be used for other tasks in the store. At the same time, it lifts our customer service, as we ensure the right price at the shelf, says Jesper Due and continues:

– Furthermore, the electronic displays give us some new opportunities in our marketing. In the future, it will be both easier and faster to create more new campaigns – e.g., if we want to reduce a product group by 25% in a given period of time.


While many other supermarkets have used electronic price signage for a long time, Løvbjerg has been waiting to make the investment. According to Jesper Due, the time has only become the right for Løvbjerg now.

– In fact, I was part of the introduction of electronic shelf labels during my time in Salling Group, but back then the technology was completely different and still required a lot of resources. But a lot has happened and today we get far more opportunities with the technology, he explains.

Jesper Due has been with Løvbjerg for 7 years, before that more than 20 years in Føtex / Salling Group, both in stores and at the head office.


Løvbjerg wanted a full roll-out of the Delfi solution, so that the electronic shelf labels could be installed in all stores, at the same time. In this way, the chain could, right from the start, take full advantage of the shift from paper to electronic signage. In addition, Løvbjerg wanted a solution that matched the needs they had for flexibility and scalability. Therefore, the choice fell on Delfi Technologies.

– We have teamed up with Delfi Technologies because it is the right solution for us. All stores got electronic shelf fronts in less than a month – it is quite efficient. At the same time, it is easy to scale up if we want more signs, new sizes or completely new stores, says Jesper Due.


The supermarket chain has deliberately chosen to go with larger signs and has worked hard to get the right layout and expression at the displays. The signs are fully graphic, which means that the chain can in principle show all the content they want – such as logos, symbols and other graphic elements. In addition, the price is a crucial element for Løvbjerg. It is important that the price is clear and distinct.

– With this solution, we can ensure the necessary visibility and send clear signals when an item is on offer, when an item is organic or Danish produced. I believe this means a lot and it gives us some significant opportunities in relation to our customers, says Jesper Due.


Løvbjerg is Denmark’s largest family-owned supermarket chain. The chain has roots all the way back to 1926 and is today a discount supermarket with 15 stores in Jutland and on Funen. Løvbjerg has a strong focus on local products as well as a large selection of quality products at low prices.

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