Ok plus invests in new technology for the stores

Despite Corona, OK Plus is experiencing a bustle at the chain’s convenience stores. To provide optimal customer service, reliable and efficient stores are a must. Through a collaboration with the IT company Delfi Technologies, OK Plus has secured the stores for the future with the right combination of technology.

OK Plus is a nationwide chain of convenience stores, all of which are connected to an OK petrol station. Here, it is possible to refuel – whether it is actual fuel or something delicious to eat. Today, the chain consists of 69 stores, and more are on the way. The OK Plus chain office supports the stores with supplier negotiations, marketing, store design and IT.

Both in terms of store design and IT, a lot is going on at OK Plus. Several of the chain’s stores are being modernized, and on the IT side, all stores have got a new and future-proof store solution for goods ordering, inventory control and other important store tasks.

Among other things, the store solution includes handheld terminals and software – a solution Delfi Technologies has delivered through a collaboration initiated through Reitan Convenience Denmark, which is a distributor and partner for OK Plus. OK Plus was looking for new order terminals and, in this connection, they took inspiration from Reitan. Here, Delfi Technologies was already a supplier, and therefore OK Plus chose to look the same way.

Klaus Bølle has been with OK Plus, and before that in the former DK Benzin, for a total of more than 27 years. Before that, he was with FDB (Coop today). The journey at OK Plus started with Klaus Bølle as Manager of a test store with a focus on modern operations. In this connection, he often asked several IT-related questions, which is why he later received the offer to handle the chain’s overall IT operations. Over time, Klaus Bølle has been around various places within the chain, also a period in the role of District Manager in DK Benzin. With that background, he knows what the stores need today.

"In recent years, there has been a massive technological development. We need to be at the forefront of the development to ensure modern store operations. The collaboration with Delfi Technologies has given us a reliable and future-proof store solution."

Klaus Bølle, IT Manager at the OK Plus chain


Although 2020 has pretty much been about Corona and readiness for change, OK Plus has generally experienced great activity throughout the country. According to Klaus Bølle, a part of the bustle can be attributed to the extra part of the population who have gone home for a long time and therefore have also passed by one of the stores more often, in connection with parcel collection, among other things.

– People still need food and they still need to pick up their packages. We have especially experienced an increase in customer flow in connection with pick-up of packages he says and continues:

– Fortunately, we can say that we are on track with our goals for the turnover in the stores. The general busyness also demands that our stores are both efficient and reliable so that we can provide maximum performance and at the same time provide good customer service. It is a crucial factor for us to achieve our goals.


As OK Plus needs to be able to run the stores as efficiently as possible, there must also be a short distance from decision to the execution of new initiatives.

With the new handheld terminal solution, the stores can handle important store tasks daily. In addition, the solution also allows new functionality to be added continuously as needed if OK Plus e.g. wants to use the mobile devices to register new processes in the stores.

The solution consists of mobile handheld terminals (model: Delfi PM66) with associated software. The program has been specially developed for Reitan Convenience Denmark with some adjustments to OK Plus to adapt the solution to the daily operation of the stores.

A mobile remote control tool (SOTI MobiControl) also makes it possible to use Mobile Device Management (MDM) to roll out new updates and perform any troubleshooting – without having the handheld terminals in your hands. It saves a lot of time and administration, explains Klaus Bølle:

– The solution makes it possible to act quickly and take action in necessary areas. Both in terms of new software updates and support for the stores. In that way, we can roll out new units and solve tasks much faster, he explains.


Most recently, OK Plus has upgraded to a new future-proof and Android-based software platform. It is a reliable solution that, according to Klaus Bølle, ensures maximum performance in the stores when it comes to printing new shelf labels, ordering goods, doing an inventory count and making item listings.

– The Android solution is the future for us. The staff can solve all important tasks with the digital barcode solution, and it helps to ensure optimal store operations, he says.

With the switch from Windows to Android, OK Plus was also looking for new handheld terminals for the stores. Here, Klaus Bølle initially looked at a touch-based device, as most people know this device type from their mobile phones today. But after asking the users about their wishes, the choice instead fell on a handheld terminal with an actual keyboard.

– The users have spoken, and they wanted a handheld terminal with physical buttons, so they got that, says Klaus Bølle.


OK Plus made a manual for the stores in connection with the launch of the new solution. But it turned out not to be necessary at all since the manual is not used by the stores.

– The solution is easy to go with and anyone can work with it, so there is simply no need for a manual. The usability is top-notch, and it is a very intuitive experience all the way around. It also means that even the older generation can participate, and that is, of course, a clear advantage, says Klaus and continues:

– With the handheld terminals, we ensure correct registrations in any process – it saves both time and minimizes the number of errors, concludes Klaus Bølle.

OK Plus uses the barcode solution for the following tasks:

Order / print shelf labels

By scanning the item, you can automatically print a new shelf label.

Item ordering

The store can order goods directly from Reitan, who packs and sends the goods. It is also possible to make reorders. With this feature, staff can save time and administration by looking at the history of an item, correcting the template and place a new order.

Status count / inventory

With automatic integration to the store system (Viking), OK Plus can make counts by scanning the goods and entering numbers. As the process is quick and simple, it is also possible to make continuous counts – e.g. in areas with shrinkage. Subsequently, location lists can be printed to check for any differences. The stores can also convene ‘counting teams’, which bring their own equipment and can make a complete status count.

Item lookup

It is also possible to use the handheld terminal to make specific product lookup at the chain office.


OK Plus is a nationwide chain of convenience stores, all of which are connected to an OK petrol station. Today, the chain consists of 69 stores and more are on the way. The range in the stores is constantly evolving and covers, among other things, soft drinks, tasty sandwiches, steaming hot organic coffee or fresh bread and cakes. In addition, OK Plus offers package delivery or pick-up, trailer rental, pharmacy items, reading material or gift cards and talk time cards.

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