Whatever industry you’re in, our solutions can help you meet your industry’s specific needs. Our customers represent a wide range of industries such as retailwarehousehealthcarefield services and office signage.

At Delfi, we help retailers to build a better customer experience and enable them to get omnichannel success. We provide the right solution for stock counting in warehouses and we learn healthcare workers the importance of the right data at the right time.

Delivering a suitable office signage solution for your conference rooms and doors or connecting your mobile workers with real-time data in your field service business, is also something we can help you with.

Across any industry, innovation and business optimization is common to all the solutions we deliver.


At Delfi Technologies, we help consumer electronics stores enhance the shopping experience with innovative technology and smart solutions ranging from digital price tags and POS equipment to efficient inventory management. Today, many of our clients in the electronics industry have...

Warehouse solutions

Warehouse solutions

It's all about efficiency and productivity in your warehouse. Save time, effort and money - manage your goods in an efficient and easy way. Avoid picking errors, incorrect shipment and unnecessary costs by using our warehouse solutions that takes...

Digital buffet signs

With digital buffet signs at the table, you and your visiting guests will always be up-to-date about the day's menu, allergens and any other messages you want highlighted in the buffet or restaurant - it is only your imagination that...

Solutions for Beauty & Fashion

Ensuring the same prices online and at the shelves in a physical store can be challenging. Electronic shelf labels makes it easier for beauty and fashion stores to change prices quickly and ensure that the prices online and at the...

Solutions for Healthcare

Get secure data collection from medical care to patient id. Our range of healthcare solutions provides the visibility, information and security you need to operate in a reliable and efficient way.

Solutions for Field Service

Get the flexibility you need and work smarter when you are on the go. Our field service solutions help you manage widespread resources such as locating items, schedule and dispatch work, inventory, billing, accounting and other back-office tasks.

Solutions for toy- and gamestores

A highly competitive marketplace with frequent campaigns like Halloween, Black Friday and Christmas, put great demands on retail chains. With electronic shelf labels, it is easy to keep track of the latest prices and provide a response to competitors' prices.

Solutions for electronics stores

Electronic shelf labels help to ensure a truely perfect omnichannel experience for consumer electronics retailers, facing a strong competition from online players and price match in general. Get dynamic pricing and align prices in all channels - in store, online...

Digital Room Signage

Room signage and office signage with electronic signs is a simple way to manage meeting spaces and display up-to-date schedules in real-time. Connected to your calendar, meeting reservation system or other data sources, the electronic meeting and conference room signs are automatically updated...

Solutions for food retail

Changing prices manually is a time-consuming process. Electronic shelf labels help food retailers such as convenience stores, supermarkets and hyper markets to change prices quickly and respond to competitors' moves.

Solutions for DIY Retailers

The need for updating price and product information is of considerable importance for DIY retailers which usually have much more items at the shelves compared to other retailers - electronic shelf labels play a key role here.

Solutions for pharmacies

Enriched and up-to-date information at the shelf edge is useful for both staff and consumers. Electronic shelf labels can be used in pharmacies and drugstores to provide the right information at the right time.

Car dealers

Delfi Technologies provides solutions to a wide range of car dealers and workshops seeking efficient methods to streamline workflows and processes. With tire labels, it becomes easy and quick to label tires correctly and informatively. This allows for effortless tracking...


In the wholesale industry, it is essential to implement automated workflows that help minimize errors to ensure efficient logistics and store operations. Delfi Technologies provides a wide range of barcode solutions for businesses and stores within the wholesale sector, allowing...

Hotels and Restaurants

Today, Delfi Technologies' solutions are in operation at many hotels that aim to embrace the benefits of technology and enhance the guest experience on multiple levels.


With a focus on solutions like labeling, inventory management, traceability, and automated processes, Delfi Technologies helps the industry reach new heights in productivity. Since 1988, we have assisted everything from pharmaceutical companies, food producers, and logistics companies in ensuring accurate...


Delfi Technologies specializes in solutions for the office sector. Our product range includes everything from digital meeting room signs (room signage) and digital name tags to information screens and office printers, all designed to optimize work processes and increase efficiency....

Culture and experiences

Experiences that matter - those are the ones we remember. At Delfi Technologies, we currently assist a wide range of amusement parks, conference venues, concert halls, museums, festivals, and other cultural and experiential locations in focusing on their core experience...

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