Barcode solutions

Barcode solutions since 1988

Our barcode solutions, which are based on barcode software and barcode hardware such as barcode scanners, mobile computers (handheld terminals/PDAs) and tablets, are based on more than 35 years of experience.

Since 1988, we have fulfilled many customers’ wishes for streamlining work processes in stores, in warehouses, etc. by means of barcode scanning and digital work processes.

At Delfi Technologies, we deliver a scalable solution that requires a minimum of maintenance, as well as offering the necessary service and support throughout the entire process.

At the same time, Delfi Technologies is on target to deliver the best barcode solutions based on its own software development and a strong collaboration with the leading manufacturers of barcode equipment – among others Zebra, Point Mobile, Datalogic, Bluebird and Honeywell. This ensures high quality and up-to-date technology.

When the solution must be Android or Windows-based and fast, intuitive and robust PDAs must be used for the warehouse or shop, Delfi Technologies can help with both the software development and the PDAs themselves.

How to get started with barcodes

At Delfi Technologies we are specialists in barcodes – everything from how to design your labels, printing the barcode with a label printer, to how to read your barcodes with a barcode scanner.


Barcode guide

When needing a overview of goods and stock flow, you can’t ignore the need of barcodes. Read more about how to implement barcodes in this guide.



Subscription solution for handheld terminals

The mandatory tool for handling status, goods movements, goods receipt, goods picking and goods posting.

Handheld terminal solutions no longer have to be a complex solution that requires major investment considerations. In the past, a handheld terminal solution has primarily been intended for larger, well-established companies of a size that require complex systems to keep track of inventory, order management, and logistics. But now it has become possible to acquire a cloud-based handheld terminal solution – right down to a single terminal with a subscription solution from Delfi Technologies.


Do you need barcode software?

Development of software solutions for any purpose – get help with registering barcodes.

At Delfi Technologies, we have dedicated Android developers who are specialists in designing and developing Android software solutions for the retail, warehouse, logistics and healthcare industry. Our typical customers need an Android App to handle work tasks like stock count, reorder, inbound & outbound delivery of goods, consumption of goods, create order, etc. We offer Android solutions that cover the most common work tasks, but we have also delivered a wide range of customized software solutions that cover specific needs in the market.

Barcode hardware

Delfi Technologies has a wide selection of Android & Windows handheld terminals – all with different features depending on purpose and industry. Most handheld terminals today come with the latest technologies such as NFC, RFID, WiFi, 1- and 2D, Bluetooth, GSM etc.

Some barcode equipment is suitable for specific industries, where some models are specially designed for e.g. greater climate fluctuations in cold/freezer halls. Other models are extremely robust and are therefore suitable for warehouses and larger factories where packages are moved around. Delfi Technologies also has a selection of tablets and truck terminals, a ‘mini PC’, which makes mobile work easier.

In our webshop you will find a large assortment of barcode equipment, where you can – easily and quickly – order your next barcode product online.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Delfi Technologies recommends MDM software for all Enterprise installations, as you gain the benefits of centrally controlled monitoring, software updates and remote management of all your devices, regardless of whether you have Android, iOS and/or Windows devices.

RFID solutions

Delfi Technologies also develops software solutions based on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. Here we can offer help in choosing the right RFID hardware and software to register RFID tags, labels, etc.