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Digital price tags for pharmacies and drugstores

Enriched and up-to-date information at the shelf edge is useful for both staff and consumers. Electronic shelf labels can be used in pharmacies and drugstores to provide the right information at the right time.

The values of electronic shelf labels in pharmacies and drugstores:

  • Free up staff to be more available for consumers
  • Get enriched information at the shelf edge

Get more time for the good service

Avoid spending time and costs on manually handling price changes. Instead, let your employees focus on sales and customer service.

Run special campaigns like “Black Friday” or any other campaign – quickly and efficiently, without the need for manual work by your employees.

Stores today struggle with price integrity and customer loyalty. Make sure you always show the correct price on the shelf and reduce customer complaints at checkout.

Electronic shelf labels turn pharmacy into one of germany’s most modern pharmacies

Rathaus Apotheke in St. Augustin: Clearly different from a chemist, delivering faster than the internet and offering a more flexible business than any large chain.

“We’ll only get into people’s heads by being personally in touch”, says Florian Wehrenpfennig. As the owner of the Rathaus-apotheke pharmacy in Sankt Augustin, Germany, he has invested in leading edge technology: Electronic shelf labels point out that no time is wasted in his shop. The Delfi solution not only stands for being precise, flexible and efficient – it also creates extra time and space for more and better consulting time for customers.

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