Location services

Location Services – Make it easy to find what you need

With our location services you can get a complete overview of where all products in your store are located. Make it easy for your staff to find and place products – as well as help your customers searching for specific products.

Key Features:

  • Enable efficient click and collect – a win-win for customers and employees
  • Offer customers to order their products online – and collect them in the store
  • Let staff navigate easily through the store via electronic shelf labels
  • Avoid wasting employees time and give them more time for customer service

How does it work?

Scan to Position

Need to find a specific product, but don’t remember where the product is located? Don’t worry – Scan to Position makes it easy to get a complete overview of all products’ specific location in the store. You have the option to use BreeceGo app or you can also use your own application (via REST API).

First step
You give all your ESLs a location
Second step
Assign products to the ESLs
Third step
You get a complete overview of the location of the products

Flash to Find

Have you ever experienced that you know at which aisle a specific product is placed, but you don’t know where the exact shelf is? There’s now a solution for that. With Flash to Find, it’s possible to create an eye-catcher by making an electronic shelf label flash, so employees and customers easily can find the desired products.

Flash to Find helps you navigate throughout the store via electronic shelf labels to find the correct shelf. It will help employees to avoid wasting their time trying to find products – and instead give them more time for customer service.

First step
Go to the area / aisle where the product should be
Second step
Use BreeceGo to activate Flash to Find
Third step
The ESL will flash at the shelf – and you can now see the location of the product


BAUHAUS Roskilde

Through the use of electronic shelf labels and handheld terminals from Delfi Technologies, BAUHAUS can be shown the way to the goods. The electronic shelf labels at BAUHAUS have a built-in LED flash, which can be made to flash from the handheld terminal when the employee needs to find a specific product.

On the handheld terminal, staff can view aisle and section information for each item, which can be used to find the specific locations of the items. When the employee has found the right area, the front edge of the shelf in question can be made to flash, and in this way find the right shelf and product.

Raiffeisen Germany

Raiffeisen made a conscious decision to use electronic price tags with a small LED indicator. The display can flash and help the staff to easily find the right place when items need to be placed on the shelves. It is also possible to use QR codes to advise customers by sending additional information to their mobile devices. At the same time, they can show stock information on the display, which is also updated automatically. This is planned for the final expansion phase.