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Electronic Shelf Labels for the toy and game sector

A highly competitive marketplace with frequent campaigns like Halloween, Black Friday and Christmas, put great demands on retail chains. With electronic shelf labels, it is easy to keep track of the latest prices and provide a response to competitors’ prices.

The values of electronic shelf labels in toy retail:

  • Omnichannel synergy – same price in physical store and online store
  • Ensure price accuracy at the shelf edge
  • Free up staff to be more available for consumers
  • Increase sales by increasing focus on complementary items at the shelf edge (e.g. remember batteries)
  • Dynamic update of multi prices – e.g. competitor prices
  • Opportunity to implement more frequent campaigns

Get automatic updates of products and prices

Use Breece System and electronic shelf labels to make sure that your shelf edges always are updated with the right product and price information. Send information directly from your system to the labels – in seconds.

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