Delfi EasyScan

Delfi EasyScan – Patient safety

Delfi EasyScan is a software solution targeted to healthcare. Delfi EasyScan digitizes and ensures the patient identification process during the treatment process at hospitals – from patient arrival to discharge.

How does it work?

On arrival, the patient receives a bracelet with a barcode indicating the patient’s social security number. By scanning the bracelet, staff and systems ensure that treatment and patient match. For example, before a given blood supply, that the barcode on the blood bag – and the barcode on the patient’s bracelet will match.

The Delfi EasyScan software also streamlines workflows. With the benefit of fewer clicks and direct links in the clinical systems, the staff saves many resources. The released time can therefore easily be converted to patient care.

What difference does it?

  • Higher quality level
  • Greater patient safety
  • Better comfort

That creates value for:

  • The patients
  • The staff
  • The IT department

One scanner for everything

Delfi EasyScan provides a central configuration of scanners. This means that each barcode scanner can be set up for many systems and functions at the same time. For example, a department in a hospital may need scanners for four different tasks (e.g. blood setup, document search (D4), Getinge T-DOC and OPUS / EPIC). In this example, you typically see that four different scanners are used for the four tasks today. Using Delfi EasyScan, this will be reduced to one scanner for everything – and additional features can be added as well.

Before Delfi EasyScan


After – with Delfi EasyScan

  • Scanner per application
  • Larger maintenance
  • Requires greater knowledge
  • Multiple error sources
  • One configuration – one scanner for everything
  • Central rollout when changes are required
  • More intelligent scanners
  • Free choice of hardware

Elements in a Delfi EasyScan solution

A Delfi EasyScan solution consists of both software and hardware elements. See more information below.



In addition to collecting different features in one solution and with one scanner, the Delfi EasyScan barcode software also provides fewer clicks in the clinical systems. Today, many clicks are required in the clinical systems to reach the relevant page / topic. Delfi EasyScan and the plug-ins reduce the number of clicks via QR codes and then the predetermined destination of the clinical journal can be reached directly.


A Delf EasyScan solution can consist of various items, including barcode scanner and printer for patient bracelets. The scanners can be delivered as either wireless or cabled – and can scan any kind of barcode. The printer itself can print the patient bracelet with barcode and the necessary information about the patient (e.g. name and social security number).

Where has Delfi EasyScan been implemented?

Delfi EasyScan has been implemented at Region Zealand’s hospitals in Denmark. It is aslo possible to arrange a reference visit here. In addition, there are ongoing projects with other regions in Denmark.

Want to know more about Delfi EasyScan?

  • If you would like to know more about the possibilities with Delfi EasyScan, please contact one of our healthcare consultants who are involved in the project at the hospitals.