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Digital room signage: get up-to-date meeting rooms

Room signage and office signage with electronic signs is a simple way to manage meeting spaces and display up-to-date schedules in real-time. Connected to your calendar, meeting reservation system or other data sources, the electronic meeting and conference room signs are automatically updated via a wireless network. Room signage is perfect for offices, meeting rooms, schools and universities, hospitals, appartments, personal door signs, etc.

The values of a digital room signage solution are clear:

  • Up-to-date information on meeting rooms, conference rooms and door signs
  • Staff and visitors can easily navigate 
  • Easy and elegant installation with simple mounting options
  • Wireless solution with low power consumption​

Wireless room signage - no cables need to be installed

Get control of your meeting and conference spaces with electronic room signage. The wireless room signage solution communicates via a 2-way radio frequency with no interference from other wireless systems. With no cabling or wiring requirements, the wireless door signs are perfect for mounting on glass and other areas with a streamlined design.

Any information can be displayed on the electronic signs to help staff and visitors locate meeting rooms, conference rooms or simply just any space where room signage is needed. The room signs are easily mounted on walls, doors, etc. outside meeting rooms, conference rooms, storage rooms and other rooms.

A digital room signage solution with electronic signs consist of:

  • Electronic signs
  • Wireless communicator
  • Software subscription for room signage (plug and play installation with Breece Cloud)

The electronic signs have changeable batteries and long life (typically 5 years with up to 5 updates per day).

Standard interfaces

The room signage solution offers standard interface options to your calendar, which makes it possible to update the room signs by simply just creating an event in your calendar.


We help you to organize and identify meeting spaces

Be visible with our dynamic room signage and office signage solutions. We help you to organize and identify meeting rooms and spaces with accurate and real-time information, enabling your surroundings to easily navigate. We provide you the room signage solution you need to add a professional touch to your meeting rooms, conference rooms or simply just any spot where accurate room signage is necessary.


Overview of meeting rooms with digital signs at Konsolidator

The combination of an impressive growth, new premises and a boom in the number of employees places greater demands on solutions that create an overview. Konsolidator has therefore invested in digital meeting room signs from Delfi Technologies.



Dagrofa uses electronic signs

For a long time, Dagrofa has been using electronic shelf labels - also called Breece System - in the majority of their supermarkets. René Severinsen, who is IT Product Owner at Dagrofa, therefore proposed, in the early summer of 2017, that Dagrofa also should use the concept of electronic signage for their many offices and meeting rooms in the administration.



At Hospice Søholm and several other healthcare institutions, there is a need for continuous update of content on room signage. To achieve an easier and more efficient administration of rooms, Hospice Søholm has therefore implemented digital room signage solution.


Plug and play installation of digital room signage solution

1, 2, 3 and you are ready to go with our plug and play Cloud solution. Breece Cloud is only a click away, offering simple management and the flexibility of accessing your data and applications from any device.


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