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Delfi’s Breece solution provides new opportunities at the shelf in ICA stores

Delfi Technologies streamlines the work in the ICA stores with electronic shelf labels. A new feature means that the current stock levels can be shown digitally – directly at the shelf edge. It has saved many hours at ICA Supermarket Torsås, which also has achieved a more efficient store operation.

With the new function of being able to display the current stock levels directly at the shelf, the store saves additional time on operational tasks and checking stock status. The new stock balance function is operational in several ICA stores. One of the stores is ICA Supermarket Torsås, where Daniel Jungå is Store Manager.

Daniel has previously carried out various projects with renewal of the entire store. Here, the store was also looking for a solution with electronic shelf labels (ESL), so that the staff no longer had to spend time and resources changing paper labels at the shelves.

"We are satisfied with our new solution and, above all, the ability to display the stock balance - it's a game changer."

Daniel Jungå, Store Manager, ICA Supermarket Torsås

– We save a lot of time now that the shelf labels automatically are updated with how many items we have in stock, new prices, promotions and new product information, Daniel Jungå says.

A “game changer” and more efficient store operation

Daniel has no doubts about the benefits of the switch from paper to electronic signage, which provides a better starting point for efficient store operations in the future.

– We are satisfied with our new solution and, above all, the ability to display the stock balance. It’s a “game changer” and we’ve got a more efficient store operation, which means we’ve also got more time for what’s most important to us – namely the customers, Daniel Jungå says.

The Breece Cloud solution with electronic shelf labels is integrated with the store’s StoreOffice / BOB, where the store itself easily can change prices, product information and activate promotions throughout the store – all within a few seconds. All price changes and product changes are made in the store’s StoreOffice / BOB and are automatically changed when it is sent to the checkout.

All that is required is a wireless antenna that connects directly to the store’s existing ICA network. The system automatically downloads updates and sends them to the displays on the shelves.

Today, the Breece ESL solution from Delfi Technologies is installed in a wide range of sectors, in more than 3,300 locations with a total of more than 15 million digital signs installed.

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ICA Sweden is with its approx. 1,300 stores, and a market share of approximately 36 percent, the leading grocery chain in Sweden. The business is run together with independent ICA dealers, who each run their own store and can thus meet customers through locally adapted concepts and offers.

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