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Breece System: Digital in-store communication 

Dynamic solutions with electronic shelf labels, digital signage, Cloud software and much more

Breece System is our dynamic in-store communication platform, including the market leading fully graphic electronic shelf labels and other in-store communication solutions such as Vision (digital signage) that drives profitability and creates a better customer experience. No matter whether you need Cloud or Enterprise software - we have a solution for you.


Breece System - Our ESL Platforms

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A wide range of sectors

Our in-store communication solutions and experience with electronic shelf labels covers a wide range of sectors - everything from traditional food retail and consumer electronics to pharmacies and room signage.

The elements of a Breece solution

Electronic shelf labels are just one of the elements in a Breece solution. Your in-store communication solution can consist of the following elements:

Electronic Shelf Labels

Our displays are high resolution, fully graphic and available in up to three colours helping you to influence the buying decision at the shelf edge…

Vision 4K

Replace paper posters and manage in-store TV's in the same way as electronic shelf labels, providing a better in-store communication experience. Vision 4K is a 4K digital signage solution that supports 4K video quality, high resolution images, logos, slide show, multi-product, animated icons, etc.

Location Services

With our location services you can get a complete overview of where all products in your store are located. Make it easy for your staff to find and place products - as well as help your customers searching for specific products.

Breece Customer Assist

Provide better information for your customers and increase your business even further with Breece Customer Assist. Not only is Breece Customer Assist a product search or price check service, but it is also a communication channel that provides enhanced customer service.

Breece Smart Queuing

With Breece Smart Queuing, you get a Queue Management System where you can service your customers during a difficult period with many restrictions. Breece Smart Queuing enables you yo give your customers an even better experience in the store.

Bring your own device

The Breece Go app allows the store to use its own mobile or tablet device to manage the Breece solution and electronic shelf labels directly at the shelf. Just download the app and you're ready to go.


Breece cloud

1, 2, 3 and you are ready to go with our plug and play and "out of the box" Cloud solution. With Breece Cloud, your ESL solution is only a click away, offering simple management and the flexibility of accessing your data from any device.

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Breece Enterprise

Go with Breece Enterprise and get the enterprise architecture with a centralized deployment and management of all your stores. While being easy to manage, Breece Enterprise lets you ensure productivity anywhere in your organization.

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The values of an ESL solution

Breece System and electronic shelf labels deliver many values to retailers and other companies. The shelf edge is the most powerful sales influencer - a majority of purchase decisions is made here. Benefit from a dynamic ESL solution and change promotions easily, anywhere - in seconds.


How does it work?

The electronic shelf labels and Vision (digital signage) TV's are connected to your central ERP / HQ. A wireless ESL communicator is all you need to send the data with full two-way communication between your ERP and the labels. 


Visit our virtual stores

Visit our virtual stores and get a 360° tour, where you can see a different selection of our solutions. Among other things, you can experience our digital solutions with electronic shelf labels, digital signage and smart queuing system.


Powered by displays and antennas from Displaydata

The Breece solution is powered by displays and antennas from Displaydata. The combination of Delfi's software and the hardware from Displaydata makes the platform the best solution in the market. At the same time, the platform ensures a seamless integration to existing POS systems. Displaydata is the leaders in the design and supply of fully graphic electronic shelf labels (ESLs) and dynamic digital display solutions. Displaydata combines strategic vision and commercial focus with world-class scientific, engineering and manufacturing expertise. Displaydata has an extensive intellectual property portfolio and with full control of R&D and manufacturing.

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