More than 400 danish coop stores have got electronic shelf labels

Back in 2010, the first Coop store implemented electronic shelf labels from the IT company, Delfi Technologies. The technology has developed a lot since then and today the solution is being used by more than 400 of the Danish Coop stores.

Store no. 400 became Irma at Islands Brygge in Copenhagen, which has undergone a major renovation project, where investments have been made into several initiatives to improve the shopping experience – this includes electronic shelf labels.

After several months of rebuilding, which has taken place during the store’s opening hours, the local Irma store at Islands Brygge can now invite customers inside to an improved experience.

"Electronic shelf labels and the other new initiatives must contribute to give our customers a better experience when they visit our store"

Anders Roed Larsen, Store Manager, Irma Islands Brygge


In addition to electronic shelf labels, the improved customer experience covers the Infarm concept (vertical agriculture), where herbs are grown in the store. In addition, a large area with wine refrigerator, which is expected to become particularly popular among the increase in customers during the summertime.

A new deli is also one of the initiatives with “to-go” food, where customers can pick up the lunch or dinner. At the same time, there is a special department for the Irma concept “Green Meal” with a large selection of vegan and vegetarian products.

In connection with the store upgrade, the customer flow has changed in relation to the way customers move through the store. This means, among other things, that the checkout has got a new location as well as the fruit and vegs department – all to create a better experience for customers.


The Store Manager has been with Coop since 2007 and has also been in several other stores with electronic shelf labels. Therefore, he already knew about the system and the benefits that, among other things, provide easier workflows for the staff and free up time for other tasks when there is no longer a need to change prices or product information at the shelves.

– I know the system from many other Coop stores. It is a clear benefit, and we are constantly a step ahead with electronic shelf labels, he says.

Delfi Technologies has provided barcode solutions to Coop Denmark for more than 25 years, including barcode scannersreceipt printers and other POS equipment for checkout.


Irma is Denmark’s oldest grocery chain and the second oldest supermarket in Europe. The first Irma store saw the light of day in 1886 and ever since the beginning, Irma has been responsible for food joy, quality, and responsibility. Today, Irma has over 70 stores on Zealand.

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