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Meny Kalundborg: Digital signs in the butcher and delicatessen department offer great flexibility to the butcher manager

Learn how Meny Kalundborg has modernized their delicatessen department with digital signs from Delfi Technologies, allowing them to quickly adjust prices and create a more flexible shopping experience.

In a time where consumers’ expectations for retail flexibility and accessibility are greater than ever before, Meny Kalundborg has taken a step forward by implementing digital delicatessen signs in their butcher and delicatessen department. This innovative solution, delivered by Delfi Technologies, has not only simplified pricing but has also transformed the way the store interacts with their customers.

From time-consuming handwritten signs to digital precision

Previously, the price tags on Meny Kalundborg’s delicatessen items were handwritten chalk signs, which could be both time-consuming and impractical in a busy store. Now, the butcher manager at Meny Kalundborg, Patrick, has the ability to adjust prices continuously based on the day’s selection with just a few clicks. This has significantly eased the process for the delicatessen department to adjust prices, whether it’s for daily specials or changes in the assortment.

"The digital solution has revolutionized our delicatessen department. It's incredibly convenient to be able to update the prices on the signs with just a few clicks, saving us both time and hassle."

Patrick Carlsson Butcher Manager at Meny Kalundborg

An additional benefit of Meny Kalundborg’s digital delicatessen signs is the ability to indicate prices per 100 grams. This feature provides customers with clear and transparent pricing, making it easy to compare prices and make informed choices. By indicating prices per 100 grams, customers can also accurately calculate their purchases according to their needs and budget.

– The digital solution has revolutionized our delicatessen department. It’s incredibly convenient to be able to update the prices on the signs with just a few clicks, saving us both time and hassle, says Patrick, Meny Kalundborg’s dedicated butcher manager.

With the new digital delicatessen signs, Meny Kalundborg can quickly adjust their presentation of goods in the store. For example, if there isn’t an employee present with neat handwriting, it’s no longer an issue. With the ability to change prices and offers in real-time, the store can also better meet the needs and desires of customers.

Ability to highlight allergens and icons

An extraordinary feature offered by Meny Kalundborg’s new digital delicatessen signs is the ability to highlight important information such as allergens or icons. Although Meny Kalundborg is currently not utilizing this feature, there is potential to integrate icons or text that clearly indicate the presence of allergens such as gluten, milk, or nuts in the delicatessen selection.

Similarly, the store can also easily highlight products produced according to organic principles, using clear icons or text on the signs. This would allow customers to quickly identify and choose products that align with their dietary preferences and values if they choose to implement this functionality in the future.

About Meny Kalundborg

The Danish Meny Kalundborg is a leading supermarket in the Kalundborg area, offering a wide range of quality goods, including fresh delicacies and specialties from both local and international producers. With a focus on customer service and quality, Meny Kalundborg always strives to deliver a premium shopping experience to their customers.

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