A completely new experience at ica kvantum with breece

ICA Kvantum in Lerum has invested in new technology. A cloud-based solution with Breece electronic shelf labels, which automatically sends new information to the store’s shelves. Behind the solution is the IT company Delfi Technologies, where all the software is in the cloud.

ICA Kvantum Lerum has for a long time been looking for a supplier of electronic shelf labels (ESL), so the staff no longer have to spend time and resources on changing paper shelf labels. It was important that it should be a supplier who could meet all the store’s needs and requirements. At the same time, it should be a flexible and future-proof solution.

However, the store has deliberately waited to find the right solution and it is just now that the store has found the solution that matched the needs of the store, explains Lotta Goodwin, who is Controller at ICA Kvantum Lerum and has acted as Project Manager in connection with the change from paper to Breece Cloud with electronic shelf labels from Delfi Technologies.

– For us, product and price information is an important ingredient with great customer value. It is extremely important that the price information is clear on the shelf label and that we also can communicate easily with multi-prices, she says.

It was Owe Krook, a the owner of ICA Kvantum Lerum, who made the final decision.

– The Breece solution from Delfi Technologies matches our needs. For us as a store, the Breece Cloud solution creates real value in the work day when it comes to creating clear and selling price information, he says.

"-We are very satisfied with our new solution and the collaboration with Delfi Technologies. It provides a great advantage in everyday life, where we have had better time to help customers."

Owe Krook, owner of ICA Kvantum Lerum


Delfi Technologies is an approved supplier for ICA IMS, which is a requirement when it comes to implementing new systems. The Breece solution with electronic shelf labels is also cloud-based, and it only requires a wireless antenna that connects directly to the store’s existing ICA network. The system then automatically downloads updates and sends them to the shelves.

– Every time an item comes on sale, or when item information is changed from a supplier, we no longer need to change paper signs on the shelf. Now everything happens automatically and that means we can concentrate 100% on the customers and other store tasks. In addition, the price changes are smooth and happen at the same time on both the shelf and at the register, says Lotta Goodwin.


According to Lotta Goodwin, one of the biggest arguments for choosing Breece in particular is that the store will have a much greater flexibility with the design of the labels:

– Most importantly, we see the whole display clarity and flexibility of the electronic shelf labels. We can design and decide for ourselves what should be written and what we want to show to the customer.

The shelf labels themselves are fully graphic and offer unlimited possibilities in terms of design and expression on the display. At the same time, there is a great focus on user-friendliness, and it is easy to work with the solution, Lotta Goodwin explains.

– Everyone in the store can use the solution. We also have the opportunity to use our own phones to handle the solution directly on the shelf when we need to add new labels, change locations, remove labels, etc. In this way, the store can act immediately if an employee discovers something in the store that requires action as one no longer has to go back to the office, she continues.


The ICA store can use the ESL system to display additional information to customers on the shelves. Since the system itself downloads updates and automatically updates the shelf labels so that you no longer have to change labels manually, it suddenly also makes sense to use the solution to create added value on the shelf.

– It is a flexible system, which offers many new opportunities in relation to what we want to tell customers. We can, for example, add logos on the labels – both our own ‘Kvantum’ price logo, product information as “discontinued by supplier”, without us having to print extra paper labels. Even product symbols such as ecology and keyhole symbols. If we get a new idea, then it’s just to update the system, then it will automatically appear on the shelves, Owe Krook explains.

The store also use the option to show a discount rate in percent or values, which Breece automatically calculates, so it can be shown on the electronic labels – for example that you save 20% on a selected item. In addition, you can also show arrows on the screens, e.g. in cases where the product is placed under the display, you activate the arrows so that the customer can more easily find the product in question. All new opportunities to help customers with important product information.


– It works really well for us, and we have great flexibility to decide for ourselves how we will use the solution to show more information to customers, Lotta Goodwin says and continues:

– If an item has been discontinued by a manufacturer, we can also show that information on the shelf, so that the customer does not have to look for an employee if suddenly there are no more left on the shelf.

In addition, there are certain items in the store that are only presented in a limited number on the shelf. Here, the store then shows information on the sign that more products can be found at the register.

– Another great advantage of this solution is that it is easy to replace the batteries on the shelf labels yourself, as the solution uses standard batteries and no special battery pack, instead of having to buy brand new labels, she explains.

Depending on the number of updates, the batteries typically last for 5 years before new ones are needed.


The store has also chosen to install the large screen solution Breece Vision, which allows the store to control existing TV screens in the same way as the electronic shelf labels. New prices and item information are also sent directly to the screens from ICA’s own system. In addition, it is possible to use images, videos and many other graphic elements to create visible messages in the store.

– We are very satisfied with our new solution and the collaboration with Delfi Technologies. It provides a great advantage in everyday life, where we have had better time to help customers and focus on the products in the form of placements, refills and orders, says Owe Krook.


ICA Sweden is with its approx. 1,300 stores, and a market share of approximately 36 percent, the leading grocery chain in Sweden. The company is run together with independent ICA retailers, who each own and operate their own store and thus can meet customers through locally adapted concepts and offers.

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