Experienced meny grocer shows the way

On May 1, 2020, Dalgaard Supermarket, MENY Hørsholm, got a new merchant. On that day, a generational change was started with the experienced merchant, Lasse Simonsen, in front. He wants to continue the successful journey of the store and has already introduced several new initiatives, including electronic shelf labels.

Dalgaard Supermarket has got a new merchant couple with Lasse Simonsen in front together with his wife Kristine Simonsen by his side. Both grew up in the local area and live in Rungsted today. They know the local area very well and have been loyal customers in the supermarket. Lasse Simonsen is a former merchant in Virum Supermarket, which is also part of the MENY chain.

– Lisbeth Dalgaard, the former merchant, has built a unique supermarket with a very special atmosphere. We want to develop the supermarket furtherly with a local focus in close collaboration with the store’s skilled staff, says Lasse Simonsen.

"We have introduced the latest technology in relation to electronic shelf labels because it gives the store a better look and customers can see the prices better. But it is more than just practical stuff - the prices are adjusted immediately."

Lasse Simonsen, Merchant at MENY Hørsholm


In 1999, Lasse Simonsen was merchant in the supermarket, which was the first in Denmark to introduce electronic shelf labels. At that time, however, the technology was completely different and there has been a huge development since then.

According to Lasse Simonsen, the MENY store in Hørsholm is among the Denmark’s leaders in fresh produce with a large department for butcher, fish and delicacy. In addition, the grocery store also wants to profile the store as a leader in technological development.

Delfi Technologies has delivered the solution to the MENY store, which is part of the Dagrofa Group. Today, more than 220 Dagrofa merchants have adopted the same solution.


When it comes to introducing new technology in the store, it is about making it easy for the staff so they can more easily handle the daily tasks. In this way, the grocery store wants technology to be used to make it easier to run a store.

The store has also implemented a new queue number system that is database-based and can calculate expected queue time in the fresh produce department. But it does not stop here. The grocery store has an ambition to always be at the forefront and want to test new initiatives in order for the store to continue to develop the experience for both customers and employees.


MENY is the whole of Denmark’s new food market and is owned by Dagrofa together with the country’s independent grocers. The chain consists of 113 stores in Denmark and employ over 5,500 employees.

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