Massive e-commerce efforts at fleggaard

The Corona crisis has changed the consumer behavior and businesses have become more digital. Fleggaard is experiencing a rapid growth in the number of online orders. The group has therefore taken several initiatives to increase capacity and facilitate the handling of the many Click & Collect orders.

The turbulent Corona crisis has been a “wake up call” for many and has speeded up the digitalization of retail. As consumers, we are changing behavior and more and more people prefer to shop online today – even when it comes to grocery shopping. That is why most supermarkets have gradually launched an online setup so that you can shop your groceries online.


In cross-border shopping, e-commerce has also become popular. Almost every border shop offer Click & Collect today, so you can order the goods online and pick them up at the warehouse. Fleggaard, which is by far the largest player in cross-border trade, with its 16 stores in the Fleggaard and Calle chains, has been very busy and has experienced an increase in the number of Click & Collect orders.

For several years, it has been possible for customers to shop online and pick up the pre-ordered items at Fleggaard. However, according to Per Sørensen, who is Operations Manager at the Calle and Fleggaard chains, the Corona crisis has led to a change in the pattern of customers’ behavior, so that even more people prefer to pre-order their goods so they don’t necessarily have to go through the store.

– We are experiencing a trend with a clear increase in the number of Click & Collect orders. That is why it is crucial to have a setup that just works – there is simply no time for IT and equipment that does not work when customers come to pick up their goods, says Per Sørensen.

Fleggaard’s Click & Collect Center in Harrislee is a central collection point for the seven Fleggaard / Calle stores at the border crossings in Kruså and Padborg. Here, several initiatives have been launched to make it both faster and easier to handle the many customers who prefer to pre-order and pick up at the warehouse in connection with their border excursion.

"With the handheld terminals, employees can handle all work processes on the go as well as register goods correctly and deliver the right goods to the right customers."

Per Sørensen, Operation Manager for Calle- og Fleggaard chains


Through a collaboration with the IT company Delfi Technologies, Fleggaard has been provided with the necessary IT equipment that connects the Click & Collect system together with warehouse, store and fleggaard.dk. This means that there always is an overview and control over inventory management, as all processes are registered using barcodes and scanners.

– At our Click & Collect warehouse in Harrislee, all employees are equipped with a mobile handheld terminal, from which they can handle all picking and order delivery for the many customers. When picking up pre-orders, the customer also sign by receipt directly at the handheld terminal, explains Per Sørensen.

As something new and due to the increased bustle, you can also pay directly at the delivery point at the Click & Collect Center in Harrislee, which services both Calle and Fleggaard. Here, the handheld terminals (model: Delfi PM80) are the link between the stores’ cash register system (POS), the customer’s receipt, and the delivery.


It must be simple and efficient to handle many customers. Therefore, the handheld terminals are the employees’ mobile work tool, from which they can control all work processes in the warehouse and in the store. The mobile tool helps to optimize the flow of goods. Per Sørensen continues:

– Our collaboration with Delfi Technologies ensures that all processes are in order and that we avoid unnecessary hassle. With the handheld terminals, employees can handle all work processes on the go as well as register goods correctly and deliver the right goods to the right customers. In that way, the employees are more efficient, and we can get more orders through the system.

At the handheld terminals, Fleggaard’s application ‘ScanPOS’ is installed. The app runs via a web-based browser. Here, employees can handle the most important warehouse tasks such as Click & Collect, item ordering, item replenishment, item counting, print shelf labels, etc.


At Fleggaard’s 19,000 m2 central warehouse in Flensburg, all border goods are gathered for further distribution to the stores. Here, a warehousing and logistics solution from Delfi Technologies ensures that the goods are registered correctly using label printers and barcode labels when receiving new goods. In addition to standard stationary label printers (model: Zebra ZT420), the warehouse staff also uses mobile printers (model: Zebra QLn420) in the belt, so you can print labels immediately via a “scan and print” function when new goods arrive for the warehouse.

Most recently, Fleggaard has also chosen to invest in brand new and revolutionary full-touch handheld terminals for the central warehouse. Datalogic Memor 10 is one of the most advanced and competitive PDAs on the market, bringing the performance and user experience of a smartphone into a compact Android device for registration tasks in the warehouse, in the store, etc.

Delfi Technologies also supplies POS equipment for the checkout lines in the Fleggaard stores, including touch screensbarcode scanners – both wireless and desktop, as well as receipt printers (model: Epson TM-T88V).

– By applying the latest technology in the warehouse and the stores, we can work faster through efficient work processes and correct registrations. From an operational perspective, it is a huge advantage during a workday, Per Sørensen concludes.


Fleggaard was founded in 1926 and is today one of Denmark’s largest family-owned groups with a solid position among Denmark’s top 100 companies. Today, the Fleggaard Group is an international conglomerate with a wide range of activities, ranging from retail in border areas and online shopping to wholesale and car leasing. Fleggaard has an annual turnover of around DKK 7 billion and employs approx. 1,750 employees in 14 different companies.

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