Denmark’s first unmanned store has opened

The race for Denmark’s first unmanned store was won by NærKøb. A project that has received a lot of attention and media attention since it was announced in June 2021.

NærKøb Express, as the store is called, is well located by the main access road to Faxe town together with a Go’on petrol station, and in the long run a modern car wash. Here, passers-by and locals can from now on shop for the most necessary goods, 24 hours a day. The store holds approx. 550 of the most tradable goods. The store is connected to NærKøb in Jungshoved, from where the goods are picked up for refilling. The owner of the store in Jungshoved, Alice Laursen, will be responsible for the daily operation of the new, unmanned investment in Faxe.

The store, which is a specially developed container, contains both refrigeration and a freezing department, various groceries, sweets, chips as well as freshly baked bread. The range is aimed both at the person on the go, who is hungry for fun, but can also easily be used as a rescue for the quick dinner or various shortcomings in the household.

The whole concept has been developed by Retail360, which has been responsible for all the technology, access control, payment, and the development and production of the container. Retail360 predicts a great potential and the possibility that the containers will be in many different places around the country. And the first indications from interested parties have already made themselves noticed.

– The plan is for the containers to be plug-and-play, so you only have to connect power, internet, and refill items on the shelves. 1-2 days after the container has been unloaded, you are ready to go,” says Mads Laursen, director at Retail360.

"It would not be possible to have an unmanned store, without having electronic price tags. We have a 30 kilometer drive from warehouse to store. Without, we had to drive 30 kilometers each way, to change a paper sign every time there were price changes."

Alice Laursen, NærKøb Express


Now that the store is unmanned, it is a must that prices and price tags can be easily controlled and changed without requiring physical presence. Therefore, the store has implemented electronic price tags from Delfi Technologies.

With the electronic price tags, the staff in the store in Jungshoved can change the prices in both stores in their ERP system. As soon as there is a price change, the electronic price tags are automatically updated in the unmanned store. In addition, with electronic price signs, you are also sure that the price at the register and on the price tag is identical.

– It would not be possible to have an unmanned store on that scale here, without having electronic price tags. We have a 30-kilometer drive from the store in Jungshoved, to the new store in Faxe. If we had to drive this distance every time we changed a price, to update the price tag in the store, it would not be optimal “, says Alice Laursen.


The communication to the electronic price tags takes place via a wireless antenna, which is set up in the container, as well as a cloud-based software package. Delfi’s software is standardized and ready to connect in NærKøb’s ERP systems, where product information and prices are retrieved from. The electronic signs are available in different sizes, and NærKøb Express has chosen the same size for the entire store. At the freezers, a special type of shelf label is used, which can withstand minus degrees.

With the help of Delfi Technologies’ app, the store can quickly associate new items with the electronic price tags, as well as change the design of the sign directly with their smartphone. Simply scan the item’s barcode and the barcode on the sign, and the two are connected. It does not get any easier.

NærKøb is Denmark’s largest chain for independent store owners. The store chain includes kiosks, convenience stores, petrol stations, campsites, and port kiosks throughout the country. After 20 years, the chain in the year 2021 hit 550 members / stores.

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