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Label items electronically with Breece System

Thanks to the Breece System, the photo retailer in Düsseldorf ‘Foto Koch’ can label its items electronically and always keep products up to date

Customers of this business, located in the heart of the shopping district, are guaranteed to always pay the right price thanks to an hourly comparison of internet prices. The effort required is minimal, merely a simple update in the ERP system: ‘The Breece System is linked up really well!’ says Cyrill Schwarzer at Foto Koch.

‘Substantially greater flexibility’ is possible thanks to Breece, which theoretically allows price adjustments every six minutes, explains Schwarzer – even when processing all 50,000 items in their product range. For customers this means maximum transparency: they are always up to the date with the current prices. For Foto Koch this means that the more changes, the more time they save.

Transparent information

All that is needed is to compile an EDP list with the Breece System; the system does the rest. For some camera models or lenses, prices change up to three or four times per day, especially during trade fairs. Cyrill Schwarzer is convinced that ‘transparent information makes customers feel much more respected in their desire to get the best price.’ And the price is flashing right in front of their eyes: the Breece electronic shelf labels flash when the price is changing. It’s an indication that things are moving.

"Transparent information makes customers feel much more respected in their desire to get the best price."

Cyrill Schwarzer, Foto Koch

Draw attention to promotions

Colour indications can also be implemented on request: for example, sale prices can appear in red on the electronic shelf labels. Foto Koch uses this feature to draw attention to ‘cashback’ promotions or to indicate that the item is sold with a free gift. In the glass showcases of the Düsseldorf shop, the business card-sized price labels are definitely eye-catchers. Foto Koch opted for this Breece format because it is best suited to the advertising concept of the specialist retailer. But other sizes and layouts are available too.

Colour logos and QR codes

Depending on the marketing strategy, colour logos can also be used with the Breece System. ‘However, we deliberately refrained from using them because we consistently want to strengthen the Foto Koch brand,’ explains Schwarzer. QR codes can be displayed as well – a feature which is not yet used by the Düsseldorf photo retailer. But Schwarzer is aware that ‘QR codes can be generated very easily, because this, too, can be done virtually automatically with Breece.’

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