Electronic shelf labels help to convert visitors into ‘buying-customers’ at eventyrsport

The time, that was previously spent on changing prices and marking up clothes and shoes at the adventure- and sports chain Eventyrsport, is now spend on customer service and advice. The first goal is to convert 1.5 visitors into ‘buying-customers’, which means a customer who actually makes a purchase, per day, in each of the chain’s 11 stores across Denmark. This conversion pay back the investment in electronic pricing. On the long run, the investment is expected to throw an even better result at the bottom line.

In celebration of Eventyrsport’s relocation to new premises at Algade in Roskilde, Denmark, March 22, the store opened with a brand new look. Electronic shelf labels were mounted on all shelves and cloth hangers. Both customers and staff were excited about the stylish design and clear pricing.

– We are a retail chain where quality and customer service are our top priorities, and therefore we have chosen to invest in electronic price tags. When our product range is of high quality and the brands we sell are priced above average, our customers expect a similar high expert advice.
The electronic price labels release the necessary time to provide our customers the expected advice. We expect to see the positive outcome of the investment at the bottom line within relatively short time, says chain manager Gert Farup Lindquist.

So far, Eventyrsport has installed electronic shelf labels at the store in Roskilde and in a brand new store that opens in Vejle soon. Approximately 1,000 electronic price tags have been installed at the store in Roskilde.


The chain has calculated how much time that is actually being spent on manual price changes and that is significant. Each store uses about two hours every day on price changes and labeling of clothes and other items. This calculation, as well as other benefits, has contributed to motivate the management to invest in electronic shelf labels. The staff is really happy to get rid of the task of labeling clothes, shoes, and other products. According to Gert Farup, the task of labeling and changing prices on the products has never been a favorite, so that the primary task in the future for the staff will be customer service, has been received very positively.

"We are a retail chain where quality and customer service are our top priorities, and therefore we have chosen to invest in electronic price tags."

Gert Farup Lindquist, chain manager at Eventyrsport


Besides the fact that the staff only have to concentrate on the customers, Gert is also very excited about the fact that the massive amount of paper signs no longer takes up space in the stores.

– What we cannot measure directly is the changing appearance of the store, but I’m pretty sure that it will mean something to our many quality-conscious customers. In the past, it could look like a ‘forest of signs’ when we had multiple campaigns running at the same time. The many signs in the stores could in some cases interfere with the messages we wanted to send. The electronic price tags come in several sizes and can be applied in different ways, so we get the same visibility when we are promoting our campaigns, says chain manager Gert Farup Lindquist.


In the past, only supermarkets were aware of price controls through electronic pricing, but this has changed over the past years.

– Today there are several retail areas that demand electronic pricing, such as DIY “do-it-yourself” stores, pharmacies, gas stations and consumer electronics stores. In the Danish market, Eventyrsport is clearly the first mover in their market, says Kim Holst Hansen, who is the consultant of Delfi Technologies (provider of the electronic shelf labels) and Eventyrsport’s contact.

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