New app keeps track of handheld terminals at NORMAL

NORMAL is growing and continues the growth journey. Today, the store chain has rounded 270 stores in 6 countries. The growth places great demands on a strong IT infrastructure. NORMAL has therefore introduced a new ‘Find My Device’ app that helps all stores keep track of their mobile PDAs.

NORMAL opened its first store in Denmark in 2013 and has grown into a nationwide store chain with more than 90 stores around Denmark today. The chain is also present in Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, France, and Finland with over 270 stores in total.

The large store network also places demands on a good and efficient IT infrastructure. That is why NORMAL collaborates with the IT company Delfi Technologies, which delivers barcode solutions, IT equipment, and much more to the stores and the central warehouse.

"After we have implemented the new app from Delfi Technologies, which gives an alarm if a device is silent for too long, they no longer disappear."

Søren Sivebæk, IT Director at NORMAL


Most recently, Delfi Technologies has, among other things, developed a new ‘Find My Device’ app for NORMAL, as the chain needed a solution to ensure that the stores’ mobile PDAs (handheld terminals) did not disappear.

Søren Sivebæk, IT Director at NORMAL, says that the challenge was that the PDAs could get lost in the stores. Maybe because an associate placed a device somewhere while doing a task and simply forgot to put it back in place. They may have been doing item counting or other routines in the store while helping customers at the same time.

– We experienced that devices disappeared, and therefore we needed a tool that could put an end to it, he says and continues:

– After we have implemented the new app from Delfi Technologies, which gives an alarm if a device is silent for too long, they no longer disappear.

NORMAL currently uses the Zebra TC52, which in addition to being a robust PDA, also has one of the fastest processors on the market in its class. For NORMAL, it provides the necessary operational reliability and the ability to maintain safe products and efficient work processes.


The new app has been installed on all the PDAs in the stores via SOTI MobiControl – a remote control software that offers central overview and management of mobile devices.

In practice, this means that the IT department has been able to roll out the new app to the stores, without having to install the app manually on all PDAs. Instead, the chain has been able to make a central implementation. According to Søren Sivebæk, it makes all the support work more efficient:

– With the simple and effective support, we can quickly implement new initiatives in all stores, he says.

Any kind of software update can also be rolled out to the stores via SOTI Mobile Device Management, which can also be used for general setup and configuration of mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc.


NORMAL markets itself as a store that sells completely normal goods at fixed low prices. The chain opened its first store in 2013 and today has around 270 stores in 6 countries. The product range is purchased where the goods are cheapest, and thus you avoid expensive intermediaries, which means that you can often save 30-60% compared to the market price.

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