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Greenland’s largest retail chain will improve logistics

In a country with long distances and very changeable weather, efficient logistics is a necessity. This is also the case at the country’s largest retail chain, Pisiffik, where different barcode solutions from Delfi Technologies have been implemented.

Greenland is the world’s largest island with a remarkable geography and size. Around 81 pct. of the total area is covered by ice. This means that all transport between cities or settlements in Greenland takes place by plane or ship.

However, during the winter, in several places in the country, it can be a problem to get there with the ships. Due to too much ice, it has happened several times that a ship could not sail into port. For several months, you may therefore risk having to life without fresh supplies. In case of critical needs, however, Pisiffik send goods by plane, so that they instead will arrive within a few days.

The majority of groceries come by ship from Denmark with a delivery time of 2-3 weeks. But goods that cannot last that long – for example salad – are transported by air, and this increases the price level.

Pisiffik a/s is Greenland's leading retail chain with over 800 employees and 13 different store concepts, which include more than 50 stores in Greenland's 6 largest cities. The chain also operates Greenland's largest webshop with more than 14,000 products.

The key to a good customer experience

Today, Pisiffik has more than 50 stores in Greenland’s 6 largest cities, ranging from supermarkets to clothing stores and furniture stores.

The chain currently operates the following concepts: Pisiffik (supermarket), SPAR (groceries), Akiki (discount store), Pisattat (hardware), Torrak Fashion (clothing store), JYSK & ILVA (furniture), Elgiganten (consumer electronics and white goods), NotaBene (outdoor and consumer electronics), SuKu (home accessories), Sunset Boulevard (fast food), KK Engros (wholesale).

With a vision of being Greenland’s preferred shopping location, the staff members work purposefully towards a clearly defined mission; “As modern merchants, we want to give the Greenlandic population a shopping experience that makes us the city’s favorite place for buying food.”

The right goods at the right price, as well as a fast and efficient service at the checkout, are just some of the areas that Pisiffik focuses on in order to deliver a good customer experience. The chain has therefore teamed up with Delfi Technologies, which has supplied the stores with everything from digital price tags to barcode scanners and mobile PDA’s.

Digital price tags are indispensable

At Pisiffik, digital price tags are used in the chain’s grocery stores – Pisiffik, SPAR and Akiki. In this way, the retail chain can automatically adjust all the prices at the shelves in the stores to match the weekly promotions, or make daily adjustments in the individual stores. At the same time, the digital signage is an indispensable tool in the work towards ensuring the consumer the cheapest and best prices in the country.

Due to the long delivery times in a logistics and supply chain where everything must be delivered by ship or air freight, goods must be ordered with a good and long planning. Added to this is the unpredictable weather as an additional factor that has a major impact on the delivery of goods.

Therefore, it is also common that you can experience sold-out goods at the store shelves. However, through an indicator directly at the digital price tags, Pisiffik can inform the customer that an item is sold out – this saves time for both the customer and the staff members.

Customized software for stores and warehouse

In order to save time for the staff members and ensure optimal workflows in the stores, Delfi Technologies has delivered a barcode solution with mobile PDA’s and software (Delfi X Cloud) that works as a staff member’s tool for handling important store tasks.

On a mobile-app, adapted to Pisiffik, a staff member can manage tasks such as stock counting, receiving goods and item look-up in the store. The store can access all the important information and it is also possible to move goods if, for example, the need is to move goods from one store to another.

Pisiffik also works according to a strategic sustainability effort, where, among other things, responsible consumption and the reduction of food waste are on the agenda. Through the use of mobile label printers, it is possible to mark (print a discount label for) dated goods at a reduced price, so that food can be sold before the expiry date. This is just one of many new initiatives that the retail chain is working with in the ongoing development of the stores.

About Pisiffik

Pisiffik a/s is Greenland’s leading retail chain with over 800 employees and 13 different store concepts, which include more than 50 stores in Greenland’s 6 largest cities. The chain also operates Greenland’s largest webshop with more than 14,000 products online. Here you can easily and quickly order your goods and get free sea freight for orders over DKK 1,000.

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