Top-toy strengthens stores with digital initiatives

Electronic shelf labels and a price robot that monitors and scans competitors’ prices online, are some of the digital initiatives that TOP-TOY implements to boost the stores and ensure competitiveness.

A highly competitive market with frequent campaigns such as Halloween, Black Friday, and Christmas puts great demands on retailers. This is also the case with TOP-TOY, the leading Nordic toy group, which operates the TOYS “R” US and BR Toys chains. TOP-TOY makes an active effort to be creative and think of the box when it comes to run stores in a market where the competition is tough and new digital stores are gaining more and more market shares.

– It goes without saying, that we have to be competitive if we want to be a part of the game. It requires discipline and creativity every single day. Therefore, among other things, we are launching a new price robot, which monitors and scans competitors’ online prices. In that way, we can adjust prices in all our channels, online and in physical stores, so we constantly can keep up with the market, says Kenneth Messerschmidt, Vice President IT at TOP-TOY.

"De elektroniske hyldeforkanter er en ekstra brik i spillet om at være konkurrencedygtig og er et værktøj, der går hånd i hånd med vores nye prisrobot. På få minutter kan vi nu, nemt og hurtigt, opdatere priserne ude i butikkerne."

Kenneth Messerschmidt, Vice President IT, TOP-TOY

Electronic shelf labels are a brick in the game

When you have a big need for price and product changes and the number of campaigns during the year does not get smaller, rather the opposite, you also have to take a to look at the resources in the stores. Therefore, TOP-TOY has chosen to implement electronic shelf labels in 72 TOYS”R”US stores in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. The electronic shelf labels release time and resources in the stores and the solution has to be implemented in all 72 stores before Black Friday in November.

Kenneth Messerschmidt says about the project and the tight schedule:
– We have an ambitious, but realistic roll-out plan, as we want the full benefit of the investment within the large pressure coming this fall with Black Friday and hereafter the Christmas season. The electronic shelf labels are an extra brick in the game to be competitive and is a tool that goes hand in hand with our new price robot. Now, within minutes, we can quickly and easily update the prices in the stores.

To begin with, TOP-TOY has chosen to install electronic shelf labels on their ‘top 3000 items’ – the most selling products and with the most price changes. Delfi Technologies A/S has been chosen as the supplier for the project and a centralized cloud solution ensures a fast and easy preparation process and delivery to the stores.

– We have chosen Delfi Technologies as the supplier as their cloud solution with electronic shelf labels matches our digital ambitions. At the same time, we can control everything at a central level – both the installation in the stores and the following operation.


TOP-TOY er Nordens førende detailvirksomhed inden for legetøj og andre produkter til børn. TOP-TOY driver de to detailhandelskæder, BR i Nordeuropa og TOYS”R”US i de nordiske lande. TOP-TOY omsætter for over 450 mio. euro, og har flere end 300 butikker og 2.000 medarbejdere i Danmark, Sverige, Norge, Finland, Island, Tyskland og Hongkong

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