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Iconic furniture store implements digital price tags for a better customer experience

Since 1929, Jacobsen Plus has been a family-owned company that has supplied high-quality design furniture, lighting and interiors to the Danish population. In 2011, the fifth generation joined, which has just implemented digital price tags in the store located in Horsens.

Jacobsen Plus operates both a webshop and two physical stores. One in Horsens and the newest addition to the family – centrally located at ‘Strøget’ in Copenhagen. Designer furniture from, among others, Fritz Hansen, Hay, Louis Poulsen and other brands can be purchased in the stores.

The digital price tags have really boosted our expression here in the store. There is a huge difference from the boring paper signs to the new digital price signs - and visually it also looks much better.

Karoline Pedersen Store Manager at Jacobsen Plus, Horsens

Fluctuating purchase prices present challenges

External factors in the market with increasing inflation and a lack of raw materials, which leave an impression on purchase prices, is also something that has an impact on the business at Jacobsen Plus. As in many other industries, the furniture industry is also exposed to large fluctuations in purchase prices, which means that you must focus and look at all prices to avoid it affecting profits.

Therefore, Jacobsen Plus has implemented digital price signs from Delfi Technologies, so that the company can more easily adjust prices accordingly. In this way, it is possible to maintain the correct margin. Before the company implemented digital price signs, ordinary paper signs were used to display prices. However, Jacobsen Plus could quickly sense that it was far from optimal in the current situation. It is both time-consuming to keep track of paper signs and difficult to ensure correct prices when the price sign is static.

– The digital price tags have really boosted our expression here in the store. There is a huge difference from the boring paper signs to the new digital price signs – and visually it also looks much better, says Karoline Pedersen, Store Manager at Jacobsen Plus, Horsens.

Synchronized prices with webshop

Another reason why Jacobsen Plus saw opportunities in digital price signs was the possibility to synchronize the prices in the store with the prices at the webshop. In this way, you avoid disappointed customers who see one price online, but a different price in the store. It helps to provide a much better customer experience.

In addition, the store in Horsens has also chosen to implement a solution with five Breece Customer Assists, which is a modern price checker where the customer, among other things, can scan the price of an item. Jacobsen Plus has chosen to set up these price checkers in departments with various smaller products and accessories, so that the customer can check the prices themselves.

It is also possible to use the price checkers with extra functions such as finding specific products in the store using a search function and a store map where a dot is placed and indicates where the specific product is located in the store.

Simple installation – easy to get started

The solution with digital price tags at Jacobsen Plus is managed using Delfi Technologies’ Breece Cloud software. This means that the solution is operated without the need for local servers, software, extra PCs, etc. Everything is controlled via an internet connection that is connected to a wireless antenna, which ensures that the signs’ product information is updated when there are changes in the data source.

The updates can come from a webshop or an ERP system. The signs are updated just a few seconds after changes such as a price update has been made. When the actual integration to the data source is in place, it is therefore simply just a matter of setting up the wireless antenna and the digital price signs – then all updates to the signs take place automatically.

Overall, the implementation of digital price signs has been a success for Jacobsen Plus that has achieved a more efficient and flexible way of presenting their products and prices.

About Jacobsen Plus

Jacobsen Plus has been family owned since 1929. At Jacobsen Plus you will find a huge selection of designer furniture, lighting and interiors. The furniture stores are located in Horsens and at ‘Strøget’ in Copenhagen, but serve the whole country via an online webshop. Among the many popular manufacturers and brands you will find products from Fritz Hansen, Louis Poulsen, Montana, Vipp, Hay, &Tradition, Fredericia Furniture and more.

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