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E-store of the year expands once again with a new, interesting store

Earlier this year, Eventyrsport won Pricerunner’s award “e-store of the year”, and expands once again with a new, interesting store in Slagelse, Denmark. As always, the focus is on extraordinary customer experiences and with electronic shelf labels from Delfi Technologies, the staff get more time to share their expertise with the customers.

With the opening of their newest store in Slagelse, Eventyrsport once again manages to raise the retail level with their well-designed and inspring store environment, which inspires both outdoor people and runners to buy equipment. Regardless of what interest you have, you instantly get a feeling that Eventyrsport walks that extra mile to secure great customer experiences in the nearly 1000sqm store.


Due to the increasing demand of sustainable products and materials among the customers, Eventyrsport has adopted new ways to make it easier for the customers to distinguish between their products.

– We have developed and introduced our own eco-label in Eventyrsport, ”Careful Choice”, which makes it easier for customers to find sustainable and environmentally friendly products among our big product range, says Emil Holtet Søgaard, Retail Manager at Eventyrsport.

”Careful Choice” is based on the desire to make it much more manageable for customers to invest in sustainable equipment and gear. Eventyrsport even calls the label a compass needle to find its way through the jungle. The criterias for ”Careful Choice” are determined by which materials the products are produced of and how they are produced.

– We have implemented a small icon that symbolizes ”Careful Choice” on our electronic shelf labels, so both our staff and customers quickly can differentiate the sustainability of the products, he continues.

With the implementation of the icon on their ESLs, Eventyrsport secures that their communication about sustainability is up to date, so no products are sold on wrong terms – and thereby, they secure the best possible customer service.

We have implemented a small icon that symbolizes ”Careful Choice” on our electronic shelf labels, so both our staff and customers quickly can differentiate the sustainability of the products."

Emil Holtet Søgaard, Retail Manager at Eventyrsport


The grand opening of the new store in Slagelse also means launching offers, and right after both Black Friday, Christmas shopping and sale start follows. During these months, Eventyrsport faces many price campaigns, which normally would take many hours to mark down manually.

– It’s really easy for us to open a new store or do special price campaigns due to our electronic shelf labels. We are always secured correct and up to date prices and avoid taking valuable time from the customers since our staff don’t have to price mark the many products, says Emil Holtet Søgaard.

With electronic shelf labels installed throughout the entire store, Eventyrsport gets great flexibility when planning and running price campaigns. By a few clicks they can change the prices on all ESLs in the store via their ERP system.


Earlier this year, Eventyrsport was named e-store of the year, and this is in line with the chain’s great ambitions for their customer service and experiences – both online and offline. According to Emil Holtet Søgaard, there is particularly one factor that underlies this:

– It’s important for us that our staff are experts within their areas. Our staff have tested and experienced our products, and e.g., ran the routes we recommend, he says.

– In this way, we create a much better incentive and experience of know-how in our stores as well as in the web shop, he continues.

Therefore, the electronic shelf labels communicate with the web shop to ensure the same prices throughout both channels. If the prices change in one channel, it automatically changes in the other as well – and the customer experience is again complete, as there are no misunderstandings regarding the prices.


Eventyrsport is passionate about providing good experiences and offers a wide range of strong brands within outdoor clothing and equipment. The chain has 14 stores across the country and runs a web shop that has been named Denmark’s best e-store (May 2021).

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