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Danish Crown: New headquarter and digital price tags

With a great location at Danish Crown Vej in Randers, one of Europe’s leading food companies has established its brand new headquarter. As part of the new premises, the company has also opened a staff shop called ‘Danish Crown Handpicked’, where staff members and guests can buy and try different products in the range.

To optimize work processes and the operation of the staff shop while being able to ensure an efficient payment process, Danish Crown has implemented digital price tags from Delfi Technologies. The price tags are linked to their self-service system from Ditbetalingssystem.dk, which enables customers to see the prices clearly and complete payments without any problems.

Danish Crown has always focused on quality and innovation, and the implementation of digital price tags is a natural development in their pursuit of improving the customer experience. The alternative to digital price tags was to set up traditional paper signs that had to be manually updated by the staff. But this wat not an option since it is the canteen staff who also is responsible for goods ordering and the shop. There was a need to free up resources so that the shop could more or less work on its own.

Effective and accurate price display

The digital price tags give Danish Crown the opportunity to display the prices of the goods in an efficient and accurate way. The signs are connected to the payment system, which means that prices are automatically updated in real time when changes are made to the system. This simultaneously eliminates the need for manual updates and minimizes the risk of errors in the display of prices. The customer will therefore always see the correct products prices.

It was important for us to make the staff shop as easy and simple to operate as possible. You had to be able to serve yourself, and therefore it made very good sense that the price signs were also digital to tie it all together.

Torben Pedersen Director Nordic Fresh at Danish Crown

– It was important for us to make the staff shop as easy and simple to operate as possible. You had to be able to serve yourself, and therefore it made very good sense that the price signs were also digital to tie it all together, says Torben Pedersen, Director Nordic Fresh at Danish Crown.

An improved customer experience

The digital price display has a direct impact on the customer experience in the shop. Since the prices are always clear and correctly updated, customers can quickly and easily decide which products they want to buy.

The clear and easy-to-read display of the prices creates trust and makes it easier for customers to make informed decisions. In addition, queuing time and waiting time are reduced, as customers do not have to ask the staff for a given price.

With the self-service payment solution from Ditbetalingssystem.dk, customers can pay for their products without a staff member having to operate them. It works simply by starting by scanning the products you want to buy, then pressing the pay button. A credit card terminal is connected, where you simply insert your payment card and enter your code.

Simple operation saves time

The digital price tags are controlled by an antenna with Delfi Technologies Cloud Software and a mobile app. This is done by scanning a digital price tag with the app, and then scanning the item with which the tag has to be connected to. The sign and the product are now linked, and in the future the sign will be updated with product and price information, should a change occur in the payment system. The antenna sends out updates to the signs in real time as soon as it receives changes in data. It provides simple operation of the solution and saves both time and resources in the pricing of goods, as everything is done automatically.

About Danish Crown

Danish Crown is a leading food company headquartered in Denmark. The company specializes in the production and sale of meat products for both the Danish and international markets. Danish Crown has established itself as a trusted supplier of high quality and sustainable food and operates a wide range of activities, including meat processing, production of fresh meat and sale of meat products to retailers, food companies and restaurants. Danish Crown is known for its innovation, quality management and ability to meet customers’ needs in a dynamic and competitive market.

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