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Electronic shelf labels for better customer experiences and dynamic menu updates

At an Esso gas station in Norway, electronic shelf labels are revolutionizing the deli selection. The solution from Delfi Technologies opens up an exciting opportunity to improve price maintenance and inform customers about today’s menu, ingredients, and more.

In a world constantly moving toward digitization, gas stations are no longer just stops for fuel. Electronic shelf labels make it possible to create an interactive and dynamic environment, where the maintenance of ingredients, such as the content of sandwiches and salads, can provide relevant information to customers.

Esso Frekhaug Frekhaug Bilsenter AS has taken an innovative step by implementing electronic shelf labels. It’s a decision driven by the ambition to focus even more on customers, explains Jim Roger Gripsgård, the general manager at Esso Frekhaug Frekhaug Bilsenter AS:

– We wanted to free up time from time-consuming updates of paper signs and, at the same time, open the door to dynamic maintenance of ingredients with the electronic shelf labels.

"We wanted to free up time from time-consuming updates of paper signs and, at the same time, open the door to dynamic maintenance of ingredients with the electronic shelf labels."

Jim Roger Gripsgård General Manager at Esso Frekhaug Frekhaug Bilsenter A/S

Real-time updates

One of the significant advantages of electronic shelf labels is the ability to update information in real-time. For example, the signs can be used as digital buffet signs, where prices and the availability of sandwiches and salads are updated in real-time. This makes it easier to adapt to changes in demand and preferences, creating not only a more dynamic and attractive menu for customers but also allowing Esso to reduce waste and ensure that the selection is always fresh with the most popular items available.

If there are changes in the deli selection, the menu, or prices, the gas station can instantly update the signs, ensuring customers always have access to the latest and most relevant information. A wireless antenna ensures that new information is automatically sent to the signs.

Detailed ingredient information

Electronic shelf labels open up the possibility of providing detailed information about ingredients in the gas station’s deli selection. Customers can easily access information about ingredients, allergens, and nutritional content. This is not only informative but also a way to meet customers’ growing interest in dietary content.

Significant savings

Another benefit of transitioning to digital price signs is the significant time savings that Esso in Norway achieves by no longer having to manage physical price signs. Maintaining paper signs required manual updates, which were both time and resource-intensive. With electronic shelf labels, Esso gas stations can now easily update prices and offers with a single press, freeing up staff for more customer-oriented tasks at the gas station. Using a mobile app, BreeceGo, the gas station can easily connect new items to new signs or remove items from the system.

– The most important thing for us is the customers. We have more time for them after introducing electronic shelf labels, says Jim Roger Gripsgård.

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Esso Frekhaug Frekhaug Bilsenter AS focuses on the customer and offers a good selection for the car and hungry drivers. Here, you’ll find real and good food for the whole family when taking a break on the road. The gas station’s offering of hot food is as extensive as it is tempting, including pizza, hamburgers, roast beef, sausages, chicken burgers, and kebabs.

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