/ Creates New Advantages with Digital Price Tags in the Store, a leading bicycle and moped dealer in Denmark, has taken a big step when it comes to retail technology. The company has installed electronic shelf labels from Delfi Technologies in their store – a system that has had a significant impact on business processes and customer experience.

In Skanderborg, Denmark you find an inspiring showroom where you can see a wide selection of bicycles, spare parts and equipment from Since majority of the sales takes place online, where prices easily can be adjusted and adapted to the competitive situation, it was therefore a natural step to look for a solution with digital price tags for the physical showroom.

Many benefits of digital pricing

The company’s decision to implement an ESL solution with digital price tags has been rewarded with several benefits. First of all, the ESL system from Delfi Technologies has created a more efficient store operation with the possibility of optimizing price dynamics. Now, there is also the possibility to react quickly to price changes in the market in real time.

At the same time, the physical showroom has now also become far more competitive as customers always get the same price in the store as they find online in the webshop. The digital price tags are connected to the store’s webshop, which means that all kinds of prices and product information are updated in real time.

It has been a game changer to implement digital price tags. We can now make prices visible to customers, our staff can now use their time more efficiently, without having to answer questions about prices all the time

Mads Colin Front End Developer at Cykelshoppen/

The right information at the right time

Cykelshoppen has also experienced a noticeable improvement in customer service. In addition to prices, the digital price tags can show product descriptions, size variants and stock status. This allows customers to make informed purchasing decisions and find exactly the bike or bike accessory they are looking for. The increased transparency and easily accessible information contribute to creating trust between the store and its customers.

– It has been a game changer to implement digital price tags. We can now make prices visible to customers, our staff can now use their time more efficiently, without having to answer questions about prices all the time, explains Mads Collin, Front End Developer at Cykelshoppen/Speedline.

Previously, the showroom had not visible prices on bicycle helmets, as the prices go up and down all the time, in relation to the situation among competitors, suppliers, season, supply and demand. Therefore, potential purchasers of bicycle helmets should ask a staff member for a price. Now, there are dynamic prices, which enable bicycle shop to update the displayed prices according to the relevant market situation. In this way, the store can maintain the margin of the products, while at the same time customers get easier access to the right information.

Simple and cloud-based technology

The system from Delfi Technologies consists of 4.2″ digital price tags and a wireless antenna that is connected to the store’s internet. The solution at Cykelshoppen is cloud-based. This means that all the software that the signs are using is in the cloud. In this way, Cykelshoppen avoids having a physical server in the back office to run the software.

The software is connected to the webshop, where all data is downloaded every time there are data changes among the products. It can be a new title, a new price or something else. This data is then automatically sent out to the digital signs via the wireless antenna.

The cycle shop also uses Delfi Technologies’ mobile app to connect signs and products. It is only the first time when a new product, without an associated label, must be connected to the system. Subsequently, the signs will automatically be updated with product information from the webshop.

About Cykelshoppen is located in Skanderborg (Denmark) with their showroom and is also running a webshop with a wide selection of bicycles, spare parts and equipment. is run by the same people behind, which sells spare parts and equipment for scooters. Previously, was responsible for the sale of both bicycles and scooters, but from January 2019 the entire bicycle section moved to They have more than 15 years of experience with e-commerce, and since 2009 they have been selling bikes online, so they know what it takes to feel safe shopping for bikes online.

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